Okay, last nights episodes were amazing. We saw Steven go on trial. Blue Zircon defended him strongly. And I think she was right.


You see, as Zircon was making her point, Yellow Diamond got more and more defensive. When Zircon said that Pink's gems would have defended her, Yellow Diamond said that Rose sneaked past. Sneaking past a couple agates is reasonable, but not sapphires, who can tell the future. I thought that something fishy was going on, and the suddenly it popped into my head. It had to be Yellow! She could get past agates and sapphires, and Pink wouldnt go see a Rose Quartz soldier, who is petty and unimportant to a Diamond. But she would go see someone important, like a Diamond. So, Zircon was right! It had to be one of them, and it was. Yellow Diamond. No one would be that defensive over something unless they were hiding something. ZIrcon said it herself, that it didn't make sense that Rose did it, but this does. If it wasnt Yellow, why would she look scared and kind of shocked that Zircon accused her and Blue. I mean, look at the picture. She doesnt know what to do, because she just got found out. Congrats to Blue Zircon, my new favorite gem on Homeworld.

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