Why the Kindergarten Project Was Abandoned On Earth
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Headcanon Information
Title Why the Kindergarten Project Was Abandoned On Earth
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication December 5, 2015
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This "headcanon" is my version of why the Kindergarten projects on Earth were dropped, even though the Homeworld Gems thought that they had anhilated the Crystal Gems and had no one there to stand in their way to reinstate the project.

The Start of the Rebellion

After the removal of Pink Diamond from the Great Diamond Authority there was a power vacuum. Yellow Diamond seized upon the oppotunity and took over the Kindergarten which at the time was a much smaller testing facility to check to see if Gem production was truly viable on Earth. Yellow Diamond did not wait for the results of Pink Diamond's tests, she cranked up Gem production at the Kindergarten in an attempt to bolster her own military might. The disorder caused by Pink Diamond's removal was the perfect oppotunity for one Diamond to take over Homeworld and form a dictatorship, however the remenants of Pink Diamond's Gems, led by Rose Quartz tried to sabotage Yellow Diamond's schemes by initiating a rebellion.

The Involvement of Blue and White Diamond on Earth

Fear struck Blue and White Diamond, they too had territories beyond that of Homeworld. If the rebellion on Earth was successful then the idea could spread to neighboring colonies or even the Homeworld itself. Rose Quartz had to be stopped so Blue and White Diamond gave what assistance they could to support Yellow Diamond on Earth.

The Failure of the Kindergarten Project

As the Gem Wars raged on for years, Yellow Diamond realized that she simply could not achieve domination over the Homeworld with her Quartz armies, not whilst Rose Quartz and her Crystal Gems continued to sabotage any attempt Yellow Diamond done to create new Kindergartens on Earth, the only thing that she was able to do was to protect the original Kindergarten. And then it happened, in the midst of the Gem Wars came Pink Diamond's legacy. The test batch of Gems that she had created finally hatched and revealed a devestating truth to Yellow Diamond. There was something within the Earth that caused incubating Gems to become corrupted, uncontrollable beasts. The Kindergarten had became a ticking timebomb, and soon thousands of savage Gem monsters would be free and cause devestation to not just the Crystal Gems, but Yellow Diamond's own army. Something had to be done fast.

Yellow Diamond's Experiments

Blue and White Diamond were hard pressed trying to quell Rose Quartz and her rebellion, but were in hope that Yellow Diamond would be able to produce the extra forces that they needed finish the Crystal Gems once and for all. They did not realize that Yellow Diamond already knew that the Earth as a Gem production site was a lost cause and her research team had holed themselves away in a secret testing facility known as Facet Five, trying to find a way out of Yellow Diamond's predicament. Using Pink Diamond's idea of a mixed fusion, mixed class utopia as a template, the shattered remains of Crystal Gems were taken to this facility and forcably fused together in an attempt to see if the same technology used to power Gem drones could be used to create mindless Gem warriors whose only purpose was to follow orders. Yellow Diamond encountered a problem, even the smallest slivers of Gems took hundreds, if not thousands of years to fuse together properly. She could also see that both sides were losing Gems fast, and that she needed a more desicive way of quelling her enemies if she was going to rule the entire Homeworld on her own.

With the patience of an extremely long-lived Gem, Yellow Diamond put the lost cause known as Earth to good use. As corrupted Gems started hatching from the Kindergarten, Yellow Diamond set her forces to subdue and crush them. She then took the original corrupted Gems' shards, as well as any other Gems' shards that got left on the battlefields and began to formulate her ultimate weapon to control Homeworld and its colonies - the Cluster.

The End of Homeworld Occupation

The remains of the batch of corrupted Gems that Pink Diamond had originally created proved to be just as useful and was used to create a new weapon that was able to infect Gems with the corruption. At this point Blue and White Diamonds' forces were being beaten back by the Crystal Gems, their leaders had disappeared so Yellow Diamond realized that her time on Earth was nearly over.

It was an untested weapon, but in Yellow Diamond's eyes it was worth the gamble as she turned her new corruption device onto Earth. The planet that Rose Quartz had so desparately tried to save would be what killed her as she and her fellow Gems would be turned into mindless beasts and savage each other. The Homeworld Gems evacuated Earth and Yellow Diamond fired the weapon from her space ship...

How Rose Quartz's Army was Finally Defeated

Rose Quartz had been celebrating the end of the war with her closest friends, in their eyes Homeworld had just abandoned Earth. But then something entered the Earth's atmosphere with a loud bang and a flash of light and Rose Quartz immediately formed a bubble around herself and her friends (Pearl and Garnet) by instinct. Somehow the light managed to interfere with every exposed Gems' own projections and were instantly "poofed". As each supposedly unharmed Gem tried to reform, their forms became twisted versions of Earth creatures along with beast-like instincts. Yellow Diamond's weapon had managed to rewrite part of whatever information was contained within the exposed Gems like a computer virus - the weapon was effectively a holo-virus. Some were harmless, but others struck out not just at each other, but at the remaining Crystal Gems...

Meanwhile on Homeworld...

Thanks to Yellow Diamond and her weapon, the Homeworld could claim victory over the Crystal Gems. The rebellion on Earth had been quashed, as well as any stirrings on other Homeworld colonies. Those who had witnessed Yellow Diamond's corruption weapon were wary of returning to Earth just in case they became infected, so it was not difficult for Yellow Diamond to disuade other high-ranking Gems from returning to Earth to reinitiate the Kindergarten projects, thus preventing them from finding out that Yellow Diamond had been playing the long game and had created a weapon to use against Homeworld.

And Then There Was Amethyst...

Sometime later a lone Amethyst emerged from the Kindergarten, her growth stunted by her extended time incubating in the ground, however that extra time was enough for her to adjust to whatever had corrupted her fellow Kindergarteners. When the Crystal Gems found Amethyst, they were wary that she carried some trace of whatever corrupted their former comrades as Amethyst did not have the protection of Rose Quartz's bubble - even now Garnet and Pearl are sometimes wary whenever Amethyst shapeshifts or reforms, incase she comes back corrupted. I think Amethyst is the only Gem that is completely immune to whatever corrupted the rest of the Gems and may be part of the key to curing them, as well as Steven Universe's healing/training.


Earth was abandonded as a site for Kindergartens because it produced the first corrupted Gems. The Cluster was created by Yellow Diamond as a tool for seizing control of Homeworld and its colonies for herself. Amethyst is naturally immune to the corruption and will play a part in curing the other Gems.

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