Why Pearl used swords during the Rebellion
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Author Spyair123
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Date of Publication January 24th, 2016
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This theory is mainly about how a gem can summon a weapon based on their purpose. I am going to use Pearl as an example for this theory.


We've seen flashbacks from the episodes "Sworn to the Sword" and "The Answer", that Pearl fought against gems using her sword and not her spears. But why would Pearl use a physical sword and not a gem summoned weapon like her spear?

Gem Purposes

Pearls are servants in the caste. Described by Peridot as "someone's shiny toy", Pearls serve as domestics and ladies-in-waiting to their owners. They are expected only to serve, and be submissive and obedient. Pearls are also status symbols on Homeworld reserved for higher castes. Quartzes are the soldier caste. Quartzes have incredible height, broad shoulders, and an intimidating muscular build. Rose Quartz, Jasper, and Amethyst are all Quartzes.

Weapon Summoning


In the episode "Gem Glow", the Crystal Gems teach Steven on how to summon his weapon. The first one to teach Steven was Pearl, Pearl explained that he will need hardwork and dedication to master the magical properties of his gem and perform his own dance to summon his weapon. When it was Amethyst's turn to teach Steven, she simply said that whenever she needs to summon her weapon it just happens.

Ability to summon based on Purpose

Just like what Peridot said, "Because pearls aren't for this! They're for standing around, and looking nice, and holding your stuff for you... right?". Pearl's main purpose was to serve and not to fight, unlike Quartzes. Quartzes are in the caste system. Quartz soldiers are intended for armies and military, so as a soldier, they should be able to summon a weapon with ease.

For example, Amethyst is a Quartz soldier, she can effortlessly summon her weapon without even trying even though she is defective. Steven also can easily summon his weapon at a young age despite being a hybrid Quartz. Rose Quartz is seen using her weapon, a shied during the war, as seen in a flashback in "Sworn to the Sword". In all the flashbacks we've seen before the war, Pearl didn't use her spears because she doesn't know how to summon her weapon.


A gem's purpose in the caste system affects their ability to summon their weapon. Pearl can't summon her weapon because she wasn't made to fight, unlike Quartzes who are soldiers.

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