Why Lapis will fuse with Peridot
Headcanon Information
Title Why Lapis will fuse with Peridot
Author EvieRoxUrSox
Illustrator EvieRoxUrSox
Date of Publication May 8, 2016
Hi, EvieRoxUrSox here with my first theory. ( I PROMISE I'll have everything completed at a later time! I'm at work, and I wanted to get this down before I forgot.)

SO.... We all saw the little snippit leaked on CN featuring Lapis and Peridot. While this may be a little.. "reachy".. I theorize that Lapis chooses to fuse with peridot- or anyone for that matter- because she has found a way to exhert control over those who made her feel powerless. Peridot imprisoned her, so, she'll put Peridot in a prison that she controls.

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