Why Diamonds are perfect beings
Theory Information
Author Spyair123
Illustrator Spyair123
Date of Publication January 10th, 2016
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We all know as a fact that the Diamonds are the superior of all gems. But why do they get to dominate or govern other gems?


They're objectively better than us. Every Gem has their strengths and weaknesses, but not them. They're absolutely totally completely flawless beings!

—Peridot in "Message Received"

Peridot stated that Diamonds are the Gem Matriarchs. They are the highest ranking Gems and the governs all gems. Diamonds are totally completely flawless being, they have no weaknesses unlike other gems, making them the most powerful gems. Because Diamonds have no weaknesses, other gems are fearful of them, making them serve the Diamonds in awe. The Diamonds are also the ones who make up the Great Diamond Authority that governs Homeworld and other gem controlled planets.


But what is this weakness? The only weakness of gems are their brittleness or breakability. Just like what Peridot said, Diamonds have no weaknesses. Diamonds are unbreakable or at least the hardest gem. Diamonds can easily break other gems, so for them not to get broken, they must obey the orders of Diamonds. Despite Diamonds having the hardest gemstones, they can still broken or cracked by other Diamonds.


Rose Quartz damaging a fusion of three Rubies, forcing them to unfuse

The only way a Diamond can be broken is by another Diamond because their strengths and weaknesses are equal/almost equal. Even if a fusion of Quartzes, a solider type of gems, can't shatter a Diamond, the very least they can do is poof a Diamond. Just like how Rose Quartz easily unfused a fusion of three Rubies with only three strikes, a Diamond could effortlessly poof a fusion of Quartzes.


Diamonds have unbreakable or hardest gemstones of all the gems, making them the superiors. Since the only weakness of a gem is their brittleness, gems serve the Diamonds so that they do not get broken.

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