Who Is Rose Quartz
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Headcanon Information
Title Who Is Rose Quartz
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication February 12, 2016
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Previous Lapis Lazuli And Peridot Will Become a Permafusion


There is a huge debate about the two characters, Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz. Many fans believe that Pink Diamond adopted the name 'Rose Quartz' after leaving the Great Diamond Authority, whilst others believe that Rose Quartz is just a Quartz. I would like to put forward a third suggestion, that both sides are correct to a certain degree...

The Evidence...

Pink Diamond: A Missing Matriarch

Pink and Blue Diamond Moon Base Pictures

The Pink Diamond Mural At The Diamonds' Moon Base

There's been so many hints and teasers in the series that there was once a Pink Diamond within the Great Diamond Authority and she disappeared sometime either before the Rebellion on Earth, a planet,

or at the very beginning of the conflict. Apart from the glimpse of the bottom half of her picture in the Moon Base (It Could've Been Great), we are not entirely sure if we have seen the real Pink Diamond. There are a lot of images and statues of mystery Gems in ancient Gem structures that it is possible that we have been shown Pink Diamond's likeness but have not recognized her. We also believe pink diamond was her death. ROSES death. If she was a single character, not rose quartz.

Rose Quartz: The Leader of the Rebellion

Pearl Arena 3

The Statues In "Pearl's Arena"

We know nothing about Rose Quartz before the rebellion. Technically Rose Quartz's known history starts at the point where she declares her intention to Pearl to stand up against the Homeworld to protect the Earth (Rose's Scabbard). We have not seen another Rose Quartz in the series, however in Pearl's arena (Steven the Sword Fighter) there are numerous statues of women wearing dresses, wielding swords. They look similar to Rose Quartz with the exception that these characters have straighter hair. Other Quartzes have wild yet straight hair, in fact the only character that has ever had curly hair (apart from Rose Quartz) was Amethyst when Videlia was giving her a makeover.

Was Rose Quartz Really A Rose Quartz Gem?

Many fans have thrown around theories of some sort of transformation happened that made Pink Diamond into Rose Quartz, however it was confirmed by Ian Jones-Quartey that Rose is indeed a Quartz gem. What is not stated is what type of quartz Rose Quartz is. Note how Jasper speaks about Steven in "The Return":

"That shield! That symbol! You! You have the power of Rose Quartz!" - Jasper, The Return

As shown in "Message Received", Homeworld Gems are indentified by their facet and cut because there are almost identical multiples of each type, yet Jasper refers to Steven's mother as just "Rose Quartz", as if she is the only one Rose Quartz.

It is very possible that the name "Rose Quartz" was an identity that Steven's mother chose. Rose Quartz's dress with the star cut-out, the curly hair, these are all things Rose Quartz has done to her appearance to reinvent herself. She no longer looks like a regular quartz like Jasper and Amethyst at all. So what was Rose Quartz prior to her transformation; she was Pink Quartz.

Could Pink Quartz Possibly Exist?

In real life Rose Quartz and Pink Quartz (sometimes known as crystalline rose quartz) are not the same type of gemstone. Their colours are not the same, pink quartz is photosensitive whereas rose quartz is not. Both gemstones form in different enviroments and more importantly pink quartz develops crystals while rose quartz does not.

Possible Scenario

What if Pink Diamond's Quartz Warriors were all Pink Quartzes? Maybe they look like a pink version of Jasper/Amethyst, perhaps they wore dresses like the statues in Pearl's Arena. Something made one of these Pink Quartzes to totally reinvent herself. Perhaps it had something to do with Pink Diamond's disappearance but that Pink Quartz became Rose Quartz who later founded the Crystal Gems.

She might have been there to witness Pink Diamond get overthrown by another Diamond(s) hence why she could not serve a different Diamond (I think Rubies switched sides from Pink Diamond to Blue Diamond and so did many other Gems in Blue Diamond's court). So technically there also may be no other Rose Quartzes around as the rest of the Crystal Gems' Rose's kind are still Pink Quartzes.


Rose Quartz is a title chosen by Steven's mother when she reinvented herself from a different type of Quartz - Pink Quartz. There are no other Rose Quartzes, just Pink Quartzes who could be in hiding on other planets or may simply be serving other Diamonds (White Diamond).

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