Who Is White Diamond
White Diamond Moon Base Picture
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Title Who Is White Diamond
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication January 10, 2016
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This theory is about who is White Diamond, her current location and what role she has to play within the Great Diamond Authority.


The Diamonds

We know now that the Gems of Homeworld are ruled by the Great Diamond Authority, a group of power Gem matriarchs that are Diamonds. So far the existence of two Diamonds (Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond) have been positively confirmed by Peridot. Within Gem artwork at the Moon Base ("It Could've Been Great") however there appears to be two more such beings, one that is white, the other that is pink, with the ancient logo of Homeworld reflects the presence of four leaders.

Diamond Heirarchy

Yellow Diamond Moon Base Picture

Yellow Diamond

White Diamond Moon Base Picture

White Diamond

Blue Diamond Moon Base Picture 2

Blue Diamond

New Diamond Authority Logo

The Modern Great Diamond Authority Symbol

It has been assumed by many theorists that each of the Diamonds were equals within the Great Diamond Authority, but evidence in "It Could've Been Great" paints a vastly different picture. We only get to see clearly three of the four Diamond murals at the Moon Base, but we can determine that the placement of each Diamond's gemstone is reflected in the pattern of the ancient version of The Great Diamond Authority symbol as well as the newer version.
Pink and Blue Diamond Moon Base Pictures

The Ancient Symbol of The Great Diamond Authority

In my previous theory, "The Gem Warp Pad Network" I discussed that although Earth's Galaxy Warp connected the planet with planets in a binary star system that was being ruled by Yellow Diamond, the central Homeworld warp pad did not lead to any location within this particular system. I concluded that the most likely location of Homeworld was in fact the star system ruled by White Diamond. Unlike the star systems ruled by other Diamonds, White Diamond's territory contains the very world from which all Gemkind originated from. The importance of Homeworld to Gems is so great that it features in the portraits of the diamonds, its size exagerated as well as placed behind each Diamond like a halo.

The partial view of White Diamond's mural also shows that the star system which is under her control contains at least five giant planets, more than what is depicted in the areas that Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are portrayed to control.

Part of "The Gem Warp Pad Network" theory highlighted the fact that only White Diamond is portrayed with a huge diamond shape behind her, as well as the pattern upon White Diamond's Homeworld disc is is perfectly perpendicular, as if Homeworld's radiance is shining upon her.

White Diamond's Ultimate Goal

White Diamond is more than just the lead matriarch of Homeworld. Ronaldo was proven to be correct about his theory of the existance of the Great Diamond Authority ("Keep Beach City Weird") however there was something else within his comments that shine a light upon the motives of White Diamond.

" Level 8 beings are a worker society incapable of such organization... whoa, wait a minute!" - Ronaldo, Keep Beach City Weird

"They're here to hollow out the Earth! It's part of the Great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form, you can read all about it..." - Ronaldo, Keep Beach City Weird

The similarities between Gems and insects like ants and bees are quite evident. Large colonies of ants consist of sterile, wingless females forming castes of "workers" or "soldiers", just like the Gems. All colonies have one or more fertile females called "queens", or in the case of Gems they are the Diamonds. Unlike ants, there are no males (drones) within the colonies, but Gems reproduce artifically  with the usage of Kindergartens which may be akin to how some female ants can reproduce without males.  Unlike queen ants, Diamonds actually have a lot of control over their colonies, by the sheer loyalty that is instilled in the Gems that are made for them. The main similarity is that it appears that like new ant queens, like the Diamonds, establish new colonies.

If we use the anology of ants the White Diamond was the original queen ant, an ageless matriarch whose goal was the propogation of her species. As the Gem population on Homeworld rose, so did the need for more resources. The colonization of the planets of the Homeworld's solar system could only do so much. At some point the idea of colonies in other star systems or even other galaxies (as with Earth) led to the creation of new Diamonds. Just like the impurities in pink, blue and yellow diamonds that give them their colour, the Diamonds that White Diamond created were not perfect copies of herself. Those Diamonds in turn attempted to establish new colonies, producing new Gems that were loyal to them.

Co-operation Between White Diamond and the other Diamonds

Although there are signs pointing to Yellow and Blue Diamond co-operating with each other in the past (the creation of the Galaxy Warp, hints of both Blue and Yellow Diamond being on Earth in the mural in the Pyramid Temple, and possibly Yellow Diamond's base in Facet Five), there are no such indicators with respect to Blue and White Diamond. The only sign we have now of any co-operation between Yellow and White Diamond was when Peridot accessed Earth's Galaxy Warp via the Warp at Homeworld which lies in White Diamond's territory. As the Facet Five facility where the Cluster project was research lacks any Great Diamond Authority markings, it is unlikely that White Diamond was or still is aware of that project.

"I want my Cluster and I want that planet to die, just make that happen." - Yellow Diamond, Message Received

It is clear that Yellow Diamond deems the Cluster to be hers, and that Earth dying is a convient yet welcome outcome to the production of the Cluster. This strongly suggests that White Diamond and the actual Homeworld system will be the targets of Yellow Diamond's Cluster unless Blue Diamond has managed to establish a new colony after the Gem Wars.

Where is White Diamond Now?


The Pyramid Temple Obelisk and its Gem

Serious Steven Pearl and Amethyst Corrupted Gem

Pearl Not Over Reacting About the Pyramid Temple Gem

Serious Steven Pyramid Temple Gem Glowing

The Removal of the Pyramid Gem

Contrary to some theories, there is no evidence whatsoever of the death and/or removal of power of White Diamond nor of any evidence that she ever visited Earth. A gemstone of a shape similar to White Diamond's was found in the Pyramid Temple, however it is doubtful that was any of the Diamonds by the lack of reaction from Garnet/Sapphire who has been in the presence of at least one Diamond and served them closely.

However Pearl who has also seen a Diamond and has a keen memory for historical facts and events, also saw that gemstone from the Pyramid Temple and she too seemed relatively unmoved by it rather than overreact as she would usually do faced with something as significant and as dangerous as a Gem such as a Diamond.

Although the Pyramid Gem appears to be white in colour, it emits a distinct yellow glow when Steven removed it from its obelisk.

The Creation of New Colonies


The Diamonds' Moon Base

If White Diamond was the creator of the other Diamonds, then it is entirely possible she can create more, the only thing that prevents her would be having enough viable star systems for these Diamonds to colonize.

White Diamond is pictured in the Moon Base mural holding an orb. An orb was found on the 2th floor above the Moon Base entrance, held in some sort of stasis field. It is very likely that these orbs are one and the same thing. The orb does not look like a gem, but that does not mean that it does not contain one, especially as Gems often use other Gems as power sources. The White Diamond mural suggests that this orb is more important to Gemkind than something to power a Diamond's base. It is likely that this object was created by White Diamond and is used to help establish new colonies, although in what capacity is unclear, but as the structure of the Diamonds' moon base that the orb is housed in looks similar to the injector units used in Kindergartens then it might be something that is formed in a process similar to Kindergarten Gems... like a new Diamond. Whatever the sphere is, its use is kept from common Gems as only the elite of elite Gems can access the Moon Base. It does appear that Garnet/Sapphire may know what the use of the orb because when she sees it she says:

"Hey, what's this room?" - Steven, It Could've Been Great

"It's not what we came here for." - Garnet, It Could've Been Great


  • White Diamond is the most powerful of the Diamonds within the Great Diamond Authority.
  • White Diamond controls the actual Homeworld and the star system that it lies in.
  • White Diamond created the other Diamonds to establish new colonies when resources in the Homeworld star system were running low.
  • White Diamond still exerts control over the other colonies by ensuring the network of Galaxy Warps all link to her Homeworld.
  • White Diamond never visited Earth.
  • Yellow Diamond may have created the Cluster to try to overthrow White Diamond. Destroying the Earth was an added bonus for her.
  • The orb left in the Moon Base is a creation of White Diamond, something that required being placed in a stasis field. Garnet/Sapphire knows what its purpose is for.

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