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Title Who Is Centipeetle
Author SpinDizzy1
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Date of Publication January 19, 2016
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This theory tries to explore the mystery that surrounds the loveable corrupted Gem, Centipeetle.

Information About Centipeetle

Centipeetle In Gem Glow

We were first introduced to Centipeetle Mother in the first official episode of Steven Universe, "Gem Glow". In this form she was a giant beetle/centipede hybrid who could create smaller versions of herself to attack any perceieved threats around her. Another of her abilities was spitting a green corrosive liquid. Eventually the Crystal Gems managed to defeat and bubble her.

Centipeetle's Return In Monster Buddies

We meet Centipeetle again when Steven accidentally releases her gemstone from her bubble. At first we Centipeetle attempt to regain humanoid form, but then she starts to reform as the giant Centipeetle monster before settling for a smaller and less agressive version of the centipeetle form after she notices Steven's fear towards her. After some training (and Chaaps) from Steven, Centipeetle becomes a valuable member of the Crystal Gems team for a short while before sacrificing herself to save Steven.

Centipeetle's Abilities

Centipeetle can do much the same as her previous Centipeetle Mother form, although she does not create any small versions of her self. Similar uses of cloning with regards to defense have been seen among the most powerful Gems, Lapis Lazuli (water clones/Ocean Gem) and Rose Quartz/Steven (plant guardians/melons/Watermelon Steven). The fact that Lapis Lazuli's ability to harness water they way she has marks her as an elite Gem (The Gem Aristocracy), may indicate that Centipeetle had a similar standing among Gem society.

Centipeetle's Appearance

Although she has a similarly wild-style of hair as Amethyst and Jasper, both during her reforming and as a corrupt Gem, Centipeetle's hair is not as long as the typical Quartz style worn by Amethyst, Jasper, Rose Quartz or the mystery Quartz fusion that featured in "Sworn to the Sword". Centipeetle's humanoid form was closer in phyisque to Lapis Lazuli than any of the other Gems, especially the Quartzes (i.e. she's tall and slim, not hulking and broad-shouldered). Centipeetle's gemstone is in a peculiar location, at the center of her face where her mouth appears to be, but the gemstone also appears to have been used as an eye. Centipeetle's gemstone location in humanoid form was obscured during her transformation in Monster Buddies, but the most likely location for it to be is either her forehead or one of her eyes (but no other Gems have yet been seen with a gemstone replacing their eye).

Based on my theory Which Gems Belong To Which Faction Within The Great Diamond Authority, the predicted faction for Centipeetle would be Yellow Diamond's faction due to her green gemstone (Centipeetles form is cream, green and black which supports the theory that she was from that faction). This is very odd as it makes her the only known corrupted Gem that served Yellow Diamond. The majority have been deep blue and mauve gems that link to Blue Diamond, colourless/opaque white that links to White Diamond and then finally pink that links to Pink Diamond.

Centipeetle's Personality

Centipeetle Mother was attracted to the Crystal Gems' base and readily attacked it and the Gems, although the motives for her attack are unknown. Centipeetle switched to a less aggresive form when reforming in front of Steven when she sensed his fear of her. Centipeetle was very protective towards Steven throughout her time with him and readily obeyed his commands after some training. When in mini-Centipeetle form, Centipeetle was extremely nervous around the Crystal Gems and was ready to attack them at the slightest provocation. Centipeetle's protectiveness over Steven and aggression towards the rest of the Crystal Gems seem reminiscent of Lapis Lazuli when she was first released from her mirror.

Why Was Centipeetle On Earth?

The majority of the operations on Earth was being run by Blue Diamond and her cohorts, the only links to Yellow Diamond were the Galaxy Warp (Earth was linked to Yellow Diamond's territory via the Galaxy Warp) and Facet Five. It is impossible to say yet if Centipeetle was something to do with Facet Five and the creation of the Cluster, but the lack of other corrupted Gems affiliated with Yellow Diamond clearly show that Yellow Diamond had virtually none of her Gems on Earth at the time the corruption struck. It could have been possible that Centipeetle was a Crystal Gem as Gems were known to defect to Rose Quartz's cause.


Centipeetle was originally a member of Yellow Diamond's elite, a participant of her court and shares more in common with Lapis Lazuli (both in social standing and in physical appearance) than with any other Gem. Centipeetle's reactions to Steven and the Crystal Gems after she reformed into her less aggressive form were very similar to that shown by Lapis Lazuli. Although Centipeetle has defensive capabilities (a variation of cloning), she was not created to be a warrior with that purpose in mind, but it was that ability that enabled her to be promoted to elite Gem ranks.

Centipeetle actual purpose on Earth is unclear, but she was certainly not a Quartz nor would her apparent rank allow her to be a footsoldier. It is likely that she was either a rare example of a Gem from Yellow Diamond's faction joining Rose Quartz's rebellion, but it is possible that she was working for Yellow Diamond in some capacity during the time of her corruption. If she was a member of the Gem elite then her most likely roles would have been running Facet Five or an envoy.