Who Created the Gems?
Theory Information
Author GoopHug
Illustrator GoopHug
Date of Publication December 31, 2015


Throughout history, one of the most asked questions ever is "Where'd it all come from?". Now, in real life we don't have an answer for this, just ideas. But, in the show, the species known as Gems are most definitely created by another being.


As stated previously, Gems are constructed, not born. The only known Gem that was born, was Steven Quartz Universe, and even so, he is a hybrid between a gem and a human.

This leaves the question, where DO Gems come from? My theory is there is a larger race (Lets call them Star Children), that once roamed the stars, but vanished somehow. This race created Gems as servants, but the Gems, left to fend for themselves after the Star Children vanished.

Many of the gems took control of a previous Star Child planet, and renamed the planet "Homeworld" or possibly something else before that. Homeworld would go on to be the central hub of Gem activity. After the resources of Homeworld ran out, the Gems needed a new place to grow more of their species, so they started taking over other planets. This eventually leads to the events of the show.


Did the Star Children REALLY vanish?!

We already know that the Gems are building an army, but they almost certainly aren't building the army for the purpose of taking over Earth. That seems wasteful.

Perhaps the Gems OVERTHREW the Star Children. And they crushed them with everything they had, and they are building more armies to fight against even more of them.

I guess we may never know.

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