Who Are Fluorite's Components
Headcanon Information
Title Who Are Fluorite's Components
Author Shy Sparkle
Illustrator Shy Sparkle
Date of Publication July 7, 2017
Publication Order
Next The Fifth Diamond

Hello! This is Shy Sparkle with my first theory on the wiki. The release of the "Wanted" special garnered questions and theories. One of them is which are Fluorite's components.


So, we know that Fluorite is a fusion composed of six gems. But who are they?

First, let's talk about the round, non-faceted gem. It looks like a Jasper or a Pearl gem, as far as we know. It's unlikely that a Jasper is part of the fusion, since Fluorite doesn't have a Quartz build.

Then, we have a circular, faceted gem. It has been shown with three different facets so far: triangular (almost the entirety of "Off Colors"), hexagonal (a single shot from "Off Colors") and circular (the entirety of "Lars' Head"). I think that her true facet is the triangular one. So, we know that Sapphires have a triangular facet, so it's safe to assume that this component is a Sapphire.

Up next we have three triangular, faceted gems. I highly doubt they are Peridots because they have triangular, smooth facets and these gems are faceted. I think that they will be a new, unintroduced gem.

Lastly, we have the diamond-shaped, faceted gem. To be honest, I think this is an overcooked/defective Diamond, because, if a normal-sized Diamond was part of the fusion, then Fluorite would be much larger.

See ya in another theory page!

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