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Date of Publication December 21, 2015
Sometimes, I notice that Garnet acts more like Ruby or more like Sapphire.


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Like in "Love Letters", when Garnet says, "NO, YOU DON'T", to Jamie, her visor is more red. She says this pretty sternly.

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But when she gives her little speech about how Jamie is a good actor, her tone is calmer and kinder. Her visor also changes color to be mostly blue.

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There was also "Reformed", where Garnet answers Amethyst very calmly, explaining that she followed the Slinker through a tunnel. Her visor is mostly blue when she speaks calmly.

Tumblr inline nzc4djzNvf1taxj3e 540

See here? Garnet gets more sassy and a little in Amethyst's face about the Slinker. Her tone is much stricter than a second ago and her visor is mostly red.

Tumblr inline nzilqom1XO1qzjzhu 540

I decided to look into this in other episodes, and the first one I checked out was "Future Vision". I figured there'd be a good flash here or there whenever actually discussing Sapphire's unique power, but blue is not an element of Garnet's design in "Future Vision". Only her post-reformation form has blue. Given that this is the case, it seems the best examples to search for would be those instances in which Ruby and Sapphire literally speak to each other, aloud, through Garnet.

Tumblr inline nzimkgEW9H1qzjzhu 540

There's no flashing back and forth here, though there is a clear split, where there are not three sections of color, but two. I'm unclear whether that is her default design, or whether the split in this scene is noteworthy. Note that the triple-color design appears in the neutral pose above.

Garnet's visor is slapped off by the Hand Cluster in the Kindergarten, but when Ruby and Sapphire talk to each other in this scene, the visible pupil color is significant and identifies which of the two is speaking.

Tumblr inline nzin4z7dYG1qzjzhu 540

Beyond that, I searched for two different emotions. I found the moment at which she is frozen in fear — likely paralyzed in deep thought — in "Keeping It Together", her visor does flash mostly blue.

Tumblr inline nzinaqT5kj1qzjzhu 540

And, at her angriest, in "Cry for Help", her visor is mostly red, with a new design element — a jagged line between the two. The colors on her visor are actually really volatile during this scene.

Tumblr inline nzinlsSJVu1qzjzhu 540

They're blue when Pearl says it just feels good being Sardonyx, pictured above.

Tumblr inline nzinokhpYI1qzjzhu 540

"THAT's why I couldn't see us finding Peridot!"

They're back to red seconds later, after dropping Pearl.

Tumblr inline nzinraMlKE1qzjzhu 540

"You tricked me!"

They're even split again, this time with a jagged line, as Garnet advances on Pearl.

This happens in Stronger Than You as well! During more aggressive lines, Garnet's visor is reddish, but during less aggressive lines, it's blue, and during "I am their fury, I am their patience, I am a conversation," it’s practically clear, implying absolute balance.


Sapphire and Ruby vying for control, perhaps?

Either way, I'd say that, starting with Season 2, Garnet's visor color is in fact a tool that the crew uses here and there to indicate that Ruby or Sapphire is exerting most influence.

Anyway, thanks for reading this Steven Universe theory. What do you think? Do you have any other evidence? Let me know.

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