White Diamond is Homeworld
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Title White Diamond is Homeworld
Author Quartzel2.0
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Date of Publication May 31, 2017
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Still nobody knows who is White Diamond, but today I offer you my own theory which seems quite credible.

My Theory

White Diamond

White Diamond is the leader of the Great Diamond Authority. However, she is constantly absente and no one speaks about her. In the episode 5.2 ("The Trial"), Steven's lawyer says that the person who killed Rose Quartz is "someone with supreme authority, someone like [Yellow Diamond or Blue Diamond]". So, White Diamond is not considered as a potential killer even if she as an undoubtedly power over the Gems.

Why isn't White Diamond accused ? Because she is the supreme leader of the whole Gem Community and the lawyer was frightened ? I don't think so, because the others Diamonds are also powerful and the fate Steven's lawyer was inevitable after her speech... So who is White Diamond and where is she ?

A mysterious resemblance


Comparison of Homeworld and White Diamond

In the same episode (5.2 "The Trial"), we have discovered for the first time Homeworld. And, for the unique view of the city, we saw a bright and huge building with a familiar form...

This building has the exact form of White Diamond, acording to her representation in the Moon's installation. Of course, it could just be a construction in honor of the leader of Homeworld, but it's not what I think.

White Diamond is Homeworld

Image 3

Title Card of the episode 5.4 "Lars' Head"

This mysterious building is the core of Homeworld. It is represented is the title card of the episodes 5.3 and 5.4 (respectively "Off Colors" and "Lars' Head") but the environement which surrends the building is quite different. We can supposed that this is a gigantic construction which can be seen from everywhere in Homeworld.

But this building could also be White Diamond herself, the mother of all the Gems who turns herself in a complete world in order to be one with the galaxy. That will explain why she is not here in person during the Diamonds Reunions, and why nobody speaks about her. White Diamond is everywhere. She is something more that a simple humanoid form. She is a whole world by herself.

Another evidence : the Moon's mural

WD Belly

White Diamond mural at the Moon's installation

I have juste found another evidence to corroborate my theory : the mural at the Moon's installation. Indeed, each Diamond is represented with her colonies around her (for exemple, Pink Diamond only has the Earth and the Moon in her hand). White Diamond has le largest amount of planets and satellites, but she also possesses Homeworld (obviously, it's the bright sphere between her hands).

However, White Diamond seems having some void instead of her belly : there is nothing between her bust and her legs, except the sphere. It could juste be an effect to avoid superposition, but her fingers are clearly in front of her breast, so maybe it's a clue for White Diamond's identity.

The sphere replace her belly, so Homeworld is the core of White Diamond. In the other way, Homeworld is located in her guts. I believe this representation symbolize that Homeworld is White Diamond, and White Diamond is Homeworld.


To conclude, I'm pretty sure that White Diamond is something bigger than just a person. She is Homeworld.

But soon (and maybe sooner than what we think) we will know the truth.

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