White Diamond's Pearl
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Author Spyair123
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Date of Publication January 7th, 2016
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Who Is White Diamond's Pearl?


The Diamonds and their Pearls

We all know that both Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond own a pearl, because we have seen them. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond's Pearl looks almost identical. Their clothes are similar to each other, wearing the similar maillot, only difference is where the sheer is worn.The Pearl's color scheme, hair style and placement of gemstone are very similar to their Diamond.

Blue Diamond's Pearl or Blue Pearl's hair covers her eyes in the fashion of her owner, she has pale blue skin, and her gemstone is placed on her chest just like her owner. Yellow Pearl has puffy yellow hair similar to Yellow Diamond's that is pointy and in a similar bob design, she also has pale yellow skin, and her gemstone is placed on her chest just like her Diamond.

White Diamond and Pearl


A mural of White Diamond in the Moon Base in "It Could've Been Great"

In some flashbacks we see in the episodes "Sworn to the Sword" and "The Answer", which was prior to the Rebellion, we see Pearl wearing the maillot and sheer that is similar to the other Pearls. Pearl's skin color is white, her gemstone is placed on her forehead. Based on the mural on the Moon Base, White Diamond's skin is obviously white, her hair is pointed upwards and her gemstone is placed on her forehead. These traits are very similar to Crystal Gem Pearl's. So maybe Pearl from the Crystal Gems was White Diamond's Pearl.

How Pearl Changed her


Pearl's regeneration in her hologram during "Sworn to the Sword" and flashback in "The Answer".

In flashbacks, we see that Pearl's hair color is pink, and her clothes are pink, but now Pearl's hair is now peach and her clothes have different colors. Just like the first time Garnet fused, her hair and clothes is a combination of Ruby and Sapphire's. When a gem is regenerating, their clothes, hair and the color of it can change.

The only thing that can't change in their new regeneration is their skin color, body structure and gem placement. Maybe Pearl had the freedom of changing her hair and clothes because she was finally apart from White Diamond, and she changed her hair and clothes to pink because of her allegiance to Rose Quartz. Pearl could've changed her colors because Pearl's gem is opaque and can make other colors and not just white or she is just defective for not being monochromatic.


Since Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond's Pearl's appearance look similar to their owner, Pearl from the Crystal Gems was originally White Diamond's Pearl because of their similar appearances.

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