Which Gems Belong To Which Factions Within The Great Diamond Authority
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Title Which Gems Belong To Which Factions Within The Great Diamond Authority
Author SpinDizzy1
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Date of Publication January 16, 2016
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The Great Diamond Authority used to be divided into four groups of Gems, each one led by a Diamond. It is possible to see which Gem belongs to which faction by the Gem's appearance as well as that Gem's personality (when not corrupted).


We knew from "Back to the Barn" that Pearls were made to order servants, but Peridot goes further in "It Could've Been Great" to explain that all Gems are created to serve the Diamonds, even though some do not do so anymore. We have Yellow Diamond and some of her followers and it is interesting to see that they all share some common traits.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond is a ruthless Gem who will not let anyone stand in the way of her getting exactly what she wants. She's very calculating and plays the long game, patient enough to wait thousands of years for her geoweapon, the Cluster to form. Yellow Diamond has power but is clearly not satisfied with what she has, and intends to use the Cluster to obtain her goal. She also has a vengeful streak and will eliminate anyone who she thinks has insulted her.

Yellow Diamond's Cohorts

"Yellow" Pearl

Firstly their appearances, Yellow Diamond's Pearl is yellow in colour and looks very much like her owner. She appeared to enjoy having power over Peridot as she attempted to cut communications between Peridot and Yellow Diamond during "Message Received". Throughout the conversation, "Yellow Pearl" can be seen with a smug look upon her face as Yellow Diamond was pointing out all of Peridot's failings.


Peridot was often smug when she outsmarted the Crystal Gems during her escapes. When she was finally captured, Peridot attempted to befriend whom she thought was the highest ranking Gem within the Crystal Gems (at least in Homeworld terms). Until recently, Peridot has made it a point of hers that she outranks Pearls to CG Pearl.


Jasper immediately took control of Peridot's mission in The Return to complete her own personal vendetta against Rose Quartz. She lorded over the fact how weak the Crystal Gems were to her (especially Steven/Rose Quartz as well as Garnet being a fusion of smaller Gems) Even after being defeated, Jasper's need for power and to overpower the Crystal Gems was so great that she broke one of Homeworld's greatest taboos and fused with Lapis Lazuli just to get revenge.

Summary of Yellow Diamond's Cohorts

The colour of Yellow Diamond's lies on the spectrum close to yellow. They all have a thirst for power, and try to get it any way they can.

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a cold yet logical Gem who has no tolerance for anything she does not deem is proper.

Blue Diamond's Cohorts

Lapis Lazuli

We do not know who placed Lapis Lazuli in the mirror, yet she clearly has no tolerance towards any of the Crystal Gems whom she considered as her captors. Some of her actions are logical but lack empathy and the outcome is often bad, for example Lapis Lazuli wished to return to Homeworld so she created a tower from the Earth's oceans to try to reach into space... but she showed no regard for the life on Earth. Lapis Lazuli's fusion with Jasper is another example how her logic (to stop herself from becoming a prisoner of either Homeworld or Crystal Gems) was harmful to everyone involved.

"Blue" Pearl

Not much can really be said for her apart from she's a person of very few words.


The Queen of Cold and Logic... almost literally. Without Ruby's influence to help guide her through people's emotions, Sapphire does not realize when she is upsetting people with her actions and words until it is too late.


She was created in a Kindergarten on Earth which Blue Diamond was shown to predominately control. (Blue Diamond has Earth and all of its sister planets featuring on her mural in the Moon Base). Apart from her purple complexion, nothing really stands out marking Amethyst as one of Blue Diamond's creations - she is a defective Gem. However Amethyst deems herself to be the "Stone Cold Betty" part of Opal, which may hint of Amethyst's association with Team Blue Diamond.

Summary of Blue Diamond's Cohorts

Two words sum up Blue Diamond and her followers, cold and logical, however logical does not equate to being wise. The colour of Blue Diamond's lies on the spectrum close to blue.

Summary So Far...

  • Gems share certain physical (mainly colour) attributes of the Diamonds that they serve.
  • Non defective Gems appear to posssess some of the personality traits of the Diamonds that they were created for.

Predicting The Character And Appearances Of Other Gems

By applying what we have learned from Yellow and Blue Diamond's followers, we can guess which Gems belong to which Diamond. It also suggests that part of what makes a Diamond is used to create their followers, hence the similarities and it could also explain why Gems are so devoted to their particular Diamonds. We can do the reverse and also guess what a Diamond's personality may be like from just looking at how their followers act.

Predictions for Pink Diamond

Rose Quartz, Ruby and Lion are perfect examples of Gems in Team Pink Diamond, so much so that many people believe that Rose Quartz or sometimes Lion was Pink Diamond. It really does not matter if either were Pink Diamond for this exercise, as Pink Diamond's personality would be the blueprint for the rest of her Gems.

Rose Quartz, Ruby and Lion are the most caring of the Gems as well as the most protective. Both Rose Quartz and Ruby appear to be very passionate individuals, however Lion seems more laid back. Pink Diamond would almost certainly share these traits, passionate, protective and caring which may put her into conflict with both Blue Diamond's harsh logic and Yellow Diamond's greed.

Predictions for White Diamond

At first I thought that I would have nothing to write here about White Diamond, but after completing my charts of which Gems I thought belonged to which Diamonds, I realized that White Diamond is a very calculating individual who trusts no-one. The one example of a Galaxy Warp that was on Earth mapped out to Yellow Diamond's binary star system, yet it has a central warp pad connecting Earth to Homeworld - White Diamond's domain.

The only Diamonds we can say for sure who have been to Earth or have officially sent representatives there are Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond (Facet Five Complex bears her mark). We have Rose Quartz and other suspected cohorts of Pink Diamond on Earth too (some appeared to have joined Blue Diamond's Gems like the Rubies who serve yet don't wear the mark of Blue Diamond. Other elite gems were shown in The Answer, silohuetted in shades of pink as well). Apart from the Moon Base which only the elite of elite Gems can access, there are no traces of White Diamond's presence on Earth.

But there are plenty of traces of her followers on Earth. I noticed a pattern with the corrupted Gems, colourless Gems could take on any colour they wanted (The Geode Beetles are an excellent example of this, as they have identical gemstones but are different in color - one of them is gray/black which clearly does not match any Diamond) as well as even be invisible. As in real life white diamonds are colourless, these Gems should be White Diamond's followers. If the ability to take on any colour is reflected in their abilities in humanoid form, most of White Diamond's followers (the colourless Gems) can easily pass themselves off as anything they wished, they are not limited to what colour they are like regular Gems. As White Diamond did not appear to have an active role personally with events on Earth, it is likely that all of these Gems were sent to Earth to monitor events - spies. White Diamond did not fully trust her other Diamonds.

This is even more apparent when we look at the Pyramid Temple, which is a shrine to mistrust with all of the safeguards and death traps installed inside the building, being run by a corrupted white Gem. Some people believe this to be White Diamond, but apart from a passing resemblance of the central oblesik and a rhomboid-shaped gemstone at its centre, there is no further proof.

If White Diamond had sent Gems to monitor Blue Diamond, the Rebellion and the Gem Wars, they would eventually have had to report back to her. Some of them were caught up in whatever caused the Gems to be corrupted, including the mystery white Gem. The traps were placed there to protect the information that lay within it, once someone got in - they had to pass the security to get out, and then the pyramid self-destructed, destroying the information so no-one else could obtain it. The mural was a report about the activities of Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond and Rose Quartz during the last battle. To some it might have seemed to be an over-reaction by the Gem to conceal that information that was probably known by many other Gems that had also witnessed those events.

Desert Glass also displayed elements of mistrust and extreme defensive behaviour as it continually tried to build sand structures around itself to protect itself, overreacting to perceieved threats.

Pearl fits into the category of White Diamond's followers although like Amethyst, Pearl is considered to be defective. Pearl was mistrustful of humans, enough to want the Crystal Temple to be fenced off from the outside world. She can be devious, sneaking bubbled shards to investigate Rose Quartz's bubbles behind Garnet's back and then forming Secret Team to retrieve the lost shards, not trusting the other Gems with information like Rose's Armory after Rose Quartz was gone.

It's the mark of a great leader, knowing just what to keep hidden from everyone you're trying to protect.

—Pearl, Rose's Scabbard
Pearl often over-reacts to situations that are unknown and out of her control. It is a trait shared by at least two of the other corrupted Gems that fit the White Diamond cohort profile. Pearl's positive traits may also appear within White Diamond, however the only other information that we have to go on so far are aggressive corrupted Gems.

Essentially White Diamond is mistrustful, secretive, devious and scheming, but prefers to pull strings rather than get herself involved personally with any trouble, keeping herself protected, which is useful as I believe that she is the intended target for Yellow Diamond's Cluster project - there are no other big bads than another Diamond that would require such extreme action. The big trait to expect from White Diamond is that she will over-react to any threat presented to her.

The Gem Charts

Blue Diamond Chart

Blue Diamond and her Gems

Yellow Diamond Chart

Yellow Diamond and her Gems

Pink Diamond Chart

Pink Diamond's Gems

White Diamond Chart

White Diamond's Gems

Note: Water Bear and Pufferfish (Watermelon Tourmaline) were difficult to place and could fit with either Blue or Pink Diamond. As Water Bear's gem appeared to be lilac, I listed her as a Blue Diamond  Gem. Pink appears to be the main colour featured in Watermelon Tourmaline/Pufferfish so she is listed as a Pink Diamond Gem. 

Additional Note: I apologize that I did not add Centipeetle to the charts. She belongs in the section "Gem types that may belong to Yellow Diamond." It's interesting to see that there's only one corrupted Gem in this group compared to the other Diamonds'.