Was Pearl's original owner White Diamond?
Theory Information
Author XxGaiaXx
Illustrator XxGaiaXx
Date of Publication April 9, 2016
Hey guys! Gaia here! I'm going to discuss the Pearl serving White Diamond theory.


My theory is that Pearl was originally White Diamond's pearl.

Gem Placement :

Pearl and White Diamond both have gems on there head. Blue and Yellow Pearl have the same gem placement as there diamonds. If Pearl belonged to Pink Diamond or Rose, it would've probably been different.

Color Theme :

I know Pearl has more then one color but the other two Pearls that we know have the same color skin as there diamonds. Pearl has white, just like White Diamond.

"She's a fancy one too" :

Peridot implied that the fancy ones belong to the diamonds. Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl seems to be fancy too.

Welp, there you have it.

Duplicated Theory

This theory has the same propose or theory of "Our Pearl Belonged to White Diamond".

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