There is another Caste of Gems on Homeworld that we don't know much about yet
Bismuth gem
Theory Information
Title There is another Caste of Gems on Homeworld that we don't know much about yet
Author Speccyemerald
Illustrator Speccyemerald
Date of Publication 7/20/2016
I think that there is at least one more Caste/Class of Gem that we have yet to fully see!

So for we have: Pearls<Peridots<Rubies<Lazulis(might be made up of Sapphires as well as what Lapis is)<Quartzes<Diamonds

BUT WAIT! What if there is one more class/type of Gems according to the customs and ways of Homeworld!? One that we have yet to see on-screen!

Its more likely than you think!


First there is the many Gems that we see(albeit in silouette form mostly) that we don't know as to their full identity and/or rank.

Not all of them are Pearls, Diamonds, Rubies, and Peridots by the looks of it. I'm sure that at least a handful of them aren't of any of the castes/classes that we already know exist. There is also the very strange-looking object in Lion's Pocket dimension that might be Bismuth. She could very well belong to a completely separate caste rather than be a Quartz!


That being said, there very well might be a whole new caste of Gems that we have yet to fully witness and see!

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