The real reason as to why Garnet wants to be fused forever
Keystone Motel Ruby Sapphire
Theory Information
Author SoulDestroyer35
Illustrator SoulDestroyer35
Date of Publication February 13, 2016


Ruby wants to be fused with Sapphire because Ruby wants Garnet to be a complete forced fusion.


When Steven and Garnet saw the first cluster they see garnet was like OMG and almost unfused because she realize that she was like a cluster herself who stay fused forever.

It possible that Ruby like to being fused forever like the time she told her 2 Rubies friend that once they fused they will beat up the rebel so that mean Ruby only care about stay fused to be stronger and with Garnet, use Sapphire's future vision.

Sapphire was the one who try to unfused so she can run away while Ruby force her to stay fused and beat up the cluster like how she said she want to beat up the rebel once she fused with the 2 rubys

Back in season 1, before Garnet's unfairly death and reform, it seemed she have no personality and stay silence half of the time and show be unhappy it possible because she almost forgot of herself being a fusion and thinking she was a full gem like other plus she seem to not remember her past back as Ruby and Sapphire just like how the cluster don't have a personality and not remember their past.

Then, in "Jailbreak" when Garnet reform she was happy of being fused again and possibly remember her memory of being ruby and sapphire and remember she was a fusion.

So yeah, it just a theory of the real reason why garnet stay fused forever plus I think ruby will betrayal the gems and take over garnet so she can be stronger FOREVER

But hey! It's just a theory, A SHOW THEORY!

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