The Second Homeworld Rebellion
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Theory Information
Title The Second Homeworld Rebellion
Author Vloggmusprime
Illustrator Vloggmusprime
Date of Publication February 5, 2016
Publication Order
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The Quick Version

Due to the way the show is structured, and the recent events of the episode, "Message Recived," The show is set up for a final offence on the gem homeworld for a series finale.

The Slightly Longer Version


The Soft Facts

Many different media have stories of one hero or a small group of heroes creating an army or squad to mount an attack on something much larger than what most people can take on by themselves. Steven Universe is one of those stories, as well as being a supernatural coming-of-age tale. Eventually, probably as a series finale, the Crystal Gems will find a way to go to the Gem Homeworld and fight the Diamonds one on one.

The Longest Version

Lord of the Rings,The Mass Effect Trilogy, and Dragon Age Origins all follow this plot structure to an extent. They start out with a small group of people just trying fight something to survive, then it turns into a fight for something greater than themselves. For a while I'll do a short rundown of the plots for my examples and then I'll do a short rundown of the plot of Steven Universe thus far. Ready? This is going to be a lot.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings starts with Gandalf, Frodo, and Sam leaving Hobbiton and setting off to Mordor to destroy the one ring that will give Sauron power. Along the way they assemble a party and gain many allies to eventually win over the evil dudes. It's not the best example because I'm not really in to fantasy, anyways.

Mass Effect 1/2/3

The Mass Effect Trilogy, despite being a sci-fi, is much the same. In Mass Effect One, Commander John/Jane Shepard works essentially on their own at first to fight the rogue Spectre Saren. Stakes raise in Mass Effect 2, Shepard is reduced to pretty much just their pilot and has to reassemble a squad to take down a species known as the Collectors who are abducting millions of humans. In Mass Effect 3, It grows massive when Shepard, who this time has a squad, has to unite pretty much the entire galaxy in order to take down the Reapers who want to annihilate every living thing in the galaxy.

Dragon Age Origins

In Dragon Age Origins, a faction called the Blight emerges and they just want to kill everybody, so a group of warriors called the Grey Wardens are called in to take care of them, because they're the only ones able to fight the Blight with any chance of winning. After they get betrayed in a battle, the Grey Wardens are left with only two members. The two wardens then go and recruit armies to fight against the Blight and their leader, an archdemon in the form of a dragon. So enough with the other stories, on to this one.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a story about a boy with magical powers who lives with magical beings known as Gems. They go on adventures for a while until Steven frees another Gem from a mirror, and she takes off to her homeworld. It's unknown what happens to her until she contacts Steven saying that more Gems are coming to earth with the intent on wiping out the entire team. The homeworld Gems arrive and are defeated by the Crystal Gems. One of the homeworld Gems eventually reveals information relating to a being known as, "The Cluster" that resides in the Earth's core. When The Cluster "hatches" the world will be destroyed due to it being larger than the earth at that point. They agree to work together to destroy the cluster until the homeworld Gem seemingly betrays the others and contacts her superior. When the homeworld Gem asks if earth could be saved, she is shot down by her superior, and the homeworld Gem then defects from her homeworld superior and joins her former enemies, which brings us to the present.

The Version to End it

This is looking a lot like Mass Effect 1&2 to me. Mass Effect 1 had Shepard fighting Saren, just one person who had a lot of backup. Then Mass Effect 2 had Shepard fighting the Collectors, which is an entire species of aliens, a whole species that threatens the human race, a pretty big step up from the first game. Steven Universe has the Crystal Gems for the season one finale fight two other gems, and in the season two finale, The Cluster (which could be a theory on its own as it hasn't been officially revealed, but come on, they're going to fight the cluster, it's a no brainer.) The first season has a villain that is powerful, but not seemingly unbeatable. The second season has one villain the size of the Earth to fight, the next might be an entire planet. A bit of digression aside, I bring up the picture and the gif. The gif is from the end of the episode, "Message Recived." Peridot defects from the Homeworld hierarchy, and joins the Crystal Gems. The still is from a supposedly leaked promo that's been going around a lot and shows Peridot trying to get along with Lapis, I know you've seen it by know and if you haven't you've been trying not to. I called it "The Soft Facts" (as opposed to "The Hard Facts") because as of now, it hasn't been confirmed officially if the video is canon or not, time will tell. These show that the Crystal Gems are actively adding new members to their party. This is very important as it correlates to the examples I so tediously explained. They're at least building a squad for something, but for what? That brings me to the other media. All of the other stories had the main characters fighting some sort of enormous organization by the end of them. Sauron and his armies in LotR, The Reapers in Mass Effect, The Blight in Dragon age, The Diamonds in Steven Universe. Not only that, but Yellow Diamond gets seriously peeved by the end of "Message Recived." It's only a matter of how much she cares about The Cluster before she gets involved. If she doesn't care about it, she'll have no problems blowing up the Earth, and if she does, she'll destroy the Earth after The Cluster dies. It's only a matter of time until the Crystal Gems fight back. Who strikes first is anyone's guess, but the path seems clear to me. So by looking at other stories that follow a similar structure, as well as looking at the events of the series as a whole, the end goal of the series can be found.

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