The Origins of the Great Diamond Authority Logo
[[Pink and Blue Diamond Moon Base Pictures|250px]]
Theory Information
Title The Origins of the Great Diamond Authority Logo
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication January 7, 2016
Publication Order
Previous Homeworld and the Diamonds
Next The Gem Aristocracy


The sigils/logos used to represent Homeworld's Great Diamond Authority, do not just represent each of the Diamond matriarchs, they reveal to us the exact locations of each of the Diamonds' gemstone locations.


New Diamond Authority Logo

The New Homeworld Logo

The Homeworld logo consists of three triangles placed in a triangle formation.

Blue Diamond Moon Base Picture

Peridot Illuminating a Picture of Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Moon Base Picture 2

Blue Diamond

Yellow Diamond Moon Base Picture

Yellow Diamond (As featured in the Moon Base)

From "It Could've Been Great", "Serious Steven" and "The Answer" we know that both Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond both have their gemstones located on the upper part of their chests. However in "It Could've Been Great" a third figure featured upon the walls of the Diamond Base, one with a diamond-shaped jewel upon her forehead.

White Diamond Moon Base Picture

White Diamond

Unlike the other two pictures that were illuminated with Peridot's yellow light from her gemstone, this picture looked blue because it was being illuminated by Pearl's blue light from her gemstone - which makes this Diamond most likely to be White Diamond. This contradicts claims that the Gem on the far left of the Pyramid Temple mural is White Diamond, however it is not clear what color that Gem was because of the lighting in that temple. The position of the gemstones featured in the pictures of these Diamonds in the Diamond Base is important as they follow the colors and the pattern of the Post-Gem War Logo, white at the top, yellow and blue are side by side below white.

Pink and Blue Diamond Moon Base Pictures

The Old Homeworld Logo (As Well as Partial Pictures of Pink and Blue Diamond)

The Homeworld logo consists of four rhomboids placed in a rhomboid formation, following the Post-Gem Wars logo. The fourth diamond, a pink one, sits beneath the yellow and blue rhomboids of this pattern. If the symbols represent not just each of the Diamonds in the Great Diamond Authority, but also those Diamonds' gemstone locations, then Pink Diamond's gemstone must sit on a central location on her body, below Blue's and Yellow's gemstones. This means that Pink Diamond's gemstone is located on her torso, anywhere from her sternum to her stomach.


  1. White Diamond's gemstone is located on her forehead.
  1. Pink Diamond's gemstone is located on her torso below Yellow and Blue Diamonds' gemstones (from her sternum to her stomach.)
  1. Each of the ruling Diamonds' gemstone locations when put together make up the Homeworld's Great Diamond Authority logo at that time. (Four Diamonds = pre-Gem Wars, three Diamonds = post-Gem Wars/removal of Pink Diamond from power)

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