The Great Diamond Authority Colony Divisions
It Could've Been Great Yellow Diamond plants
Theory Information
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication January 7, 2016
Publication Order
Previous Kindergarten was a project of Yellow Diamond
Next Pink Diamond is on the side of the Crystal Gems
Now is official, gemkind it's a colonizing species, but which are the planets and systems they control? And how they manage it?


When Pearl said "This is not a Gem controlled planet", that means Gems do control planets, and as we see in the recent episode "It Could've Been Great", lots of planets.

The Galaxy Warp is a lobby where you can travel to other places of the Gem colony, including Homeworld. (See my theory Space Map Theory)

Gems obviously already conquered lots of planets, and in "It Could've been Great" show us something really interesting about the colonies. In the Moon Base, the diamonds paintings have some planets around them, and each one have different planets. they rule Homeworld together but each diamond has a group of colonies they rule.
It Could've Been Great Solar System

Blue Diamond painting.

Lets look at Blue Diamond, she has 9 planets, and it's very similar to our solar system. Blue Diamond is the only Diamond which appears in Earth, at least, building a colony. So she would have the entire solar system to herself. Now think about that: In "The Answer" Blue Diamond is on Earth, what if, every gem that was made in the respective planets that each diamond dominates, are submitted to that diamond? Like in the Earth kindergarten, any soldiers that were made there belong principaly to the diamond who made the kindergarten, like Peridot do with Yellow Diamond. This could explain the diamond on the gems suit, including the pink one from Pearl.

Of course they all rule together everything since we saw in most of gems builds the four diamonds logo, but this could be a way to manage easier, things that they do alone, like Yellow Diamond did the Kindergarten? (See my theory Kindergarten was a project of Yellow Diamond).


Gems conquered and own lots of planets. The diamonds divided by some pattern the colonies so they can manage better. A Gem born in a colony that is managed by a diamond, will be more devoted to that diamond.

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