The Gem Warp Pad Network
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Title The Gem Warp Pad Network
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication January 10, 2016
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This theory attempts to explain the network of warp pads used by Gems to teleport from one place to another.


Warp Space

Warp Space

Warp Space

Not much is known about what warp space is, apart from it is a dangerously cold area with very little air and has thunderclouds, which eliminates it being a part of normal space. There have been no visible structures in the area so far apart from thousands of warp pads that can seen around the edges of warp space. It appears to be roughly spherical and black in colour.

Its description is reminscent of the Geode that was featured in "House Guest" as well as "Warp Tour". The Geode is a black spherical dome that contains an aritfical storm inside. Whether warp space and the Geode are link remains to be seen, however it is possible that warp space lies within Geodes like the one on Earth. If it is true then perhaps Gems were attempting to expand their empire by expanding warp space by adding more Geodes.

Local Warp Networks

The Earth is a good indicator of the expected warp pad networks that we should see on other Homeworld colonies. Various locations around the planet are linked by a network of short-ranged warp streams that go through warp space. Also connected to this network is an area called The Galaxy Warp, whose central warp pad allows long-ranged travel to a location the Gems call Homeworld.

Earth's Galaxy Warp

The Galaxy Warp is also home to other smaller, broken warp pads, as well as the warp pad that links to the Earth's local warp stream network. In "It Could've Been Great" we finally see where these smaller warp pads used to lead to. 

Something really big 2

The Galaxy Warp & The Diamond Murals

The Galaxy Warp pads maps out quite nicely with the star system (I shall refer to this particular system as YD System) illustrated on Yellow Diamond's mural on the Moon Base with only three discrepancies: 

1. There are two overlapping circles corresponding to planet #1, the largest of the planets. This is likely due to that planet having a moon as big as a small planet, much bigger than the other planets' moons.

2. There are warp pads apparently mapping out onto the two stars (A & B), (the YD system is a binary star system), these are likely to be space stations. When we see Yellow Diamond in "Message Received", she appears to be on a space station or stationary space ship located near an asteroid belt.

The smaller warp pads of Earth's Galaxy Warp correspond with various planets and moons of the YD System. Some planets have multiple warp pads which may be an indicator to how densely populated that planet is, rather than the planets' physical size. It also shows that the YD System has been almost entirely colonized, which explains why Gems needed to expand their empire.

If each of these planets/moons/bases had a similar warp pad system as Earth, then the smaller warp pads in Earth's Galaxy Warp lead to other Galaxy Warps on these planets in the YD System. Those planets in turn have their own short-ranged warp systems like Earth's which only allow localized travel. With the absence of warp pads on other planets in our Solar System to give us more information, it is unclear how far the short-range warp network can reach. Travel between planets of the YD System may be covered by the local warp stream networks, or there may be additional Galaxy Warps on the YD System colonies to allow travel between them (they will look almost identical to Earth's Galaxy Warp). The Galaxy Warps in the YD System that link to Earth's one will look like a map of the Solar System, with a warp pad for each resepective Galaxy Warp contained in the Solar System.

Blue Diamond Moon Base Picture 2

The Blue Diamond Mural

White Diamond Moon Base Picture

The White Diamond Mural

Pink and Blue Diamond Moon Base Pictures

The Blue and Pink Diamond Murals

There is a problem, Yellow Diamond is not the only Diamond shown with a system of planets, we could see Blue Diamond illustrated with the planets of our own solar system (known to the Gems as the Crystal System), and some more planets can be seen on White Diamond's picture (WD System - which is much larger than the YD System). A fourth, pink character can be seen on the walls of the Moon Base, but not enough of the mural was shown to know if this Pink Diamond had her own star system as well.

This is where the third discrepancy arises, all of the Diamonds shown on the Moon Base are shown with a big disc behind their heads like a halo which represents Homeworld (planet #8). It is impossible for Homeworld to exist in all of these star systems and it also appears that artisic lisence has been taken to emphasize how important Homeworld is by its exagerated size in both its representations in the Galaxy Warp and on the Moon Base murals.

The Location of Homeworld

By looking at the Moon Base murals, we can eliminate our Solar System as well as the YD System as being the location of where the Homeworld Warp Pad actually leads. That leaves the WD System (which was only partially revealed), the PD System (Pink Diamond) or a "neutral" zone, one where all Diamonds have equal authority. The most likely candidate for the location of Homeworld is in the WD System. The pattern and shading on the image of Homeworld on the Blue and Yellow Diamond are identical, the planet's orientation however is slightly different (which may also signify the direction each colony is with resepct to Homeworld). White Diamond's Homeworld disc is partially obscured, but it is perfectly perpendicular, as if Homeworld's radiance shines upon her. Unlike the other Diamonds, White Diamond is portrayed with a huge diamond behind her. Also, the Great Diamond Authority logo has the White Diamond at its top, which may signify the gemstone on her forehead, but it may also signify her dominance over the other Diamonds. Finally, yellow diamonds are common and despite fancy diamonds such as blue and pink ones being more expensive than white diamonds, white diamonds are the purest of diamonds which may also signify her added importance. We will know for certain which system Homeworld lies in once the rest of the White Diamond and Pink Diamond murals are revealed.

The Failure of the Expansion of the Crystal System's Warp Network

It is likely from the information gleened from the Moon Base in "It Could've Been Great" that Earth was Blue Diamond's first colony in our Solar System, however Rose's rebellion prevented her from not only building on and terraforming Earth, but establishing more Galaxy Warps and colonies. It was a tactical manuveur to limit aid and support being sent to Blue Diamond whilst also removing Homeworld's ability to send in mass forces quickly.


  • Warp space may be contained within Geodes, like the one on Earth.
  • Galaxy Warps link Gem colonies in different galaxies with each other as well as to Homeworld.
  • Galaxy Warps will look similar to each other, there will be a graphical representation of the destination's star system on the floor, with warp pads corresponding to the each colonies' Galaxy Warp (making a two-way system), as well as a central warp that leads directly to Homeworld.
  • The only Galaxy Warp that was managed to be set up by Blue Diamond was the one on Earth that linked her territory (the Crystal System) to Yellow Diamond's, as well as to Homeworld itself. This is likely due to the disruption caused by Rose Quartz and her rebellion on Earth.
  • White Diamond is in charge of Homeworld and the star system that it lies in. All Galaxy Warps are connected to Homeworld.
  • Yellow Diamond is in charge of a binary star system, its name is unknown.
  • It is likely that although Blue Diamond claimed the entire Solar System as her own, she tried establishing her first colony on Earth. Rose Quartz not only prevented Blue Diamond from destroying the Earth and its life, she prevented Blue Diamond from establishing herself anywhere else in our Solar System by forcing her to expend her resources trying to quell the rebellion.

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