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It Could've Been Great Gem Builds on Earth Map
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Title Gem Builds Map
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication February 2, 2016
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Note: I'm not a geographer.

This will be more like a base theory to other theories.


This theory tries to find where is every old gem structures and why, how, and since when they are there.


Alright, so first of all, in "It Could've Been Great" Peridot show us a map of all structures that were originally built on Earth, followed by some blueprints of places we already know and some we don't. How can we know which place each one takes place? I used geography, Google Maps, online maps of topography, seas, etc. I watched every single episode which every place is shown and using day and night cycle logic, no exact times, backgrounds colors I finally found almost every single spot in the map and here is it (It took for me loot of thinking and doing episode research (not a LOT, but yes, more than usual).


Communications Hub (Purple)

The Gem Builds Map Communications Hub

Lets start with the Communications Hub, which is the easy one.

In "Cry for Help", Steven's house, we see that it's morning, and when they warp to the Hub, it's dawn, around 2-5am we can see stars but also some light reflected from the clouds, and not a dark-blue sky but a not-so-light-blue. And if in America is morning, Europe, Africa, west-Asia and some of Oceania could be night.

Cry For Help Lion sand

Notice the sand and the dawn sky.

If we carefully watch Lion stepping in the ground, we can see that is fluffly and soft, just like sand, And we can hear Garnet stepping on the sand. Also there is no mountains or vegetation, we just see dunes and cactus. We can find all this in a desert, and the most logical one to be is the Saara one, which is in Africa. The only stop that points to a desert is the Africa one, which makes perfect sense with the day logic and the environment. And, for what i understand of transmitting, a desert does not have geological interference and stuff.

Cloud Arena (Light Blue)

"The Answer" shows us the Cloud Arena, and when Garnet is narrating she says: "It was a promising site of a new Gem colony". It was a promising site. The Colony was building itself yet, it was starting yet. If they first landed in the northwest of South America, they wouldn't travel all the world to build a place, with would be obiviously near. What I know from my geo classes, the environment from the episode matches a lot with Brazil ambient. There is tropical rain, regular mountains (no snow, not tall (above the clouds) or small (I never seen any short mountains with pointy tops) and tropical animals.

Prime Kindergarten (Light Grey)

Marble Madness Kindergarten position

Kindergarten position (latitude only)

The first hint to Kindergarten location was shown in "Marble Madness". In the facet five there is a map pointing where the kindergarten is, sure it could be showing the other kindergarten but for what reason it would do that? Peridot needed info about where she is. In "On The Run" Steven and Amethyst travel by train, and in my opnion they couldn't get so far in one day. But all of this was confirmed when Peridot shows the other Kindergarten location, meaning that the only place left is there.

Beta Kindergarten (Grey)

It's location is shown in "It Could've Been Great" when the Crystal Gems found The Cluster.

Sea Shrine (Deep Sea Blue)

Deep Map Stop Comparison

Okay, lets go to the hard part. I just googled in the internet map of world deep seas and I used this one for references. We know that the Sea shrine is at the bottom of the ocean but there is no build spot in Mariana Trench. But I saw in the map a deep place that matches with these spots. Coincidence? I don't think so. Notice that this place is very close to Beach City. When they warp back there is no wait time they instantly warp back when the scene changes, there is always somewhat a 2 sec time of waiting before they show up, and if we learn anything from "Warp Tour", warping take different times depending of where you want to warp.

Lunar Sea Spire (Blue)

This was tricky and confused me a lot. In "Cheeseburger Backpack" at the start of the episode, it's morning in Beach City, the sky is pink and some blue so it's not so early. The postman is arriving too, so i assume that its somewhere around 7-10am. In the Sea Spire, is TOTALLY night, which means that it needs to be far away from Beach City, or basically, on the other side of the world. The only place shown in map is the "wtf-happened-in-Asia" one. and it makes it more cooler since the water is surronding it with a circle, like the hole in Asia. BUT in the end of the episode Garnet says "It's a three-hour paddle home." so I get really confused, even the further place in the Atlantic Ocean of the map it too near to this time difference. So it could be any of that two spots.

Galaxy Warp (Light Blue) (Practically confirmed)

Friend Ship day comparison

Notice the blue sky.

I couldn't find so much evidences to this one, but in "Friend Ship" we see that when they warp back to the temple, it still the same sky, and probably somewhat the same time. Also it's near lots of places, since is kinda a lobby it makes sense schematically.

EDIT: In the recent episode "Same Old World" we see that the Galaxy Warp is really close to Beach City/Empire City/Jersey, confirming the location.

Ancient Sky Arena (Green)

Sworn to the Sword day comparison

Notice the blue sky.

We see like 2 or 3 times that the time in the arena is the same as Beach City, so it must be near, then it got the only one who left in Atlantic Ocean. It's floating and above the clouds so we can't see the ocean.

Sky Spire (Pink)

Beach City Sky Spire Day Night Logic-0

Okay, I did a horrible drawing to explain this one. Look at the image while reading this explanation: Before they warped to the Spire, Beach City was about 1-5pm since it's obviously day. In the Spire, it was in the beggining of the day (you know, after morning, like 12 o'clock) because the sky was pink all the time. When they got back, it was evening, more about 6-8 pm. So before: Beach = Day, Spire = Morning. Then: Beach = Evening, Spire = Day.

Unknown Structure #1 (Orange)

Lets talk about what that we don't know, first, the tower thing. See in the background? It's snow mountains, there is a few chance to this be in Himalaya but I don't think so because there is only mountains and mountains, no plains at all. So it could be in that north-Europe spots, since there is snow mountains and also plains and highlands.

Unknown Structure #2 (Orange)

We don't have so much about this, but we got no places left, so I'll leave it with the other unknown structure. But this ~might~ be the Desert Glass temple, but I rather not jump to conclusions.

Pearl Arena (Orange)

Okay, this is simple. IF the Pearl Arena is/was owned by the old Diamond Authority, this arena belongs to the europe 3 spots, since it can't be near Beach City since there was raining, and the Arena was sunny, but idk.

Ice Cave (White)

Monster Buddies Mountain

Same thing as Pearl Arena, if this was from the Diamonds (old Great Diamond Authority), IT MUST BE THERE. JUST LOOK AT THE BEGGINING OF THE EPISODE, ITS JUST SNOWY MOUNTAINS! (and above clouds)

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