The Fifth Diamond
Theory Information
Title The Fifth Diamond
Author Shy Sparkle
Illustrator Shy Sparkle
Date of Publication July 8, 2017
Publication Order
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Hello! I mentioned in my previous theory that the diamond-shaped gem might be an overcooked Diamond. I'm here to talk more about this Diamond.



Attack the Light Monsters

This may seem completely unrelated to this theory, but it is.

So, if you look at the light monsters, they all have diamond symbols on them. This indicates that they may have been created before or during the Rebellion by the Homeworld Gems.

Pearl states that, in the hands of a powerful Gem, the prism in which the light is kept can be used to command an entire army of light. And who are powerful Gems? The Diamonds!

Now, we also have the colors of the lights: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple/violet and white. If we associate the colors with the existing Diamonds, as seen in the picture on the right, we have Yellow Light - Yellow Diamond, Blue Light - Blue Diamond, presumably Red Light - Pink Diamond and White Light - White Diamond. We can associate Violet and Indigo Lights to Blue Diamond and Orange Light to Yellow Diamond. We have Green Light left. This one may be associated with Yellow Diamond, but this would ruin the theory.

So, the Attack the Light monsters were presumably created during the Rebellion to help Homeworld beat the Crystal Gems, but the latter retrieved it and so Attack the Light began.

Fluorite's Color Scheme

Fluorite's color scheme is another hint that may lead us to the existence of Green Diamond. If we look at her colors, we can distinguish three: purple, green and blue. I don't think a Blue Diamond is part of Fluorite because producing one type of Diamond is presumably one-time, but we'll get to that in another theory.

Getting blue out of the mix, we have purple and green. Both possibilities are actually correct, but we might have to regroup the Violet and Green lights.

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