The Cluster was created because of Garnet
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Author Spyair123
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Date of Publication January 18th, 2016
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Since Garnet was the first cross gem fusion, Homeworld probably got the idea of the cluster from her.


First Cross Gem Fusion

In the episode "The Answer", it was revealed that Ruby and Sapphire were the first two gems of different gem types to fuse. When Ruby accidentally fused with Sapphire and formed Garnet, the gems who saw it described it as unbelievable, disgusting and unheard of. Blue Diamond also reacts to this very displeased, after seeing Ruby and Sapphire fusing, she had already decided that Ruby must be broken. Because of this, it can be confirmed that the Homeworld society condemn fusions of different gem types, and and only condine fusion of the same type of gem; mainly for fighting and combat.

How Garnet joined the Rebellion

♫ I will fight for the place where I'm free! To live together and exist as me! ♫

—Garnet, "We Are the Crystal Gems"
Oh no
After Ruby and Sapphire fusing into Garnet again, she stumbled across Pearl and Rose Quartz, and probably joining the Crystal Gems. Garnet might be the reason why more gems joined the Crystal Gems, because she inspired other gems try and fuse. But Homeworld doesn't allow fusion of the different kind, so the gems joined the rebellion. Just like what Garnet said "I will fight for the place where I'm free! To live together and exist as me!", she fought for the planet and its survival, because its the only place she knows of where gems had the freedom of fusing with other different types of gems.

Garnet's reaction to the Hand Cluster


Gems trying to escape the Hand Cluster

Now let's take a look back in the episode "Keeping it Together". In that episode, we saw a forced fusion of shattered gems. When Garnet saw the Hand cluster emerging, she saw the silhouettes of fallen Crystal gems, and she slowly starts to unfuse in pity. When she finally poofs the Hand cluster, Garnet had a conversation with herself as Ruby and Sapphire. In the last part of their conversation, Ruby mentioned that the forced fusions are punishment for the rebellion, and Sapphire ending the conversation saying that it's not their fault.

Garnet's link to the Cluster

What does Sapphire mean it wasn't their fault? The reason why the Homeworld starts experimenting with forced gem fusions was because of Garnet, the idea of forced gem fusions was based on Garnet. She was the reason why other gems joined to the rebellion, so they can have the freedom of fusing with whoever they want and whenever they want. So when battles occurred, they started picking up fallen gems before the Crystal gems could and started experimenting and creating forced fusions with it.


After Ruby and Sapphire accidentally fusing into Garnet and joining the Crystal Gems, more gems also attempted cross gem fusion just like her. Because Homeworld doesn't allow cross gem fusion, they joined the Crystal Gems. During small battles between Homeworld and the Crystal Gems, the homeworld gems picked up the Crystal Gems' gems, and started experimenting with it. The Homeworld thought of creating the Cluster as an ironic punishment for the Crystal Gems' rebellion, and Garnet who inspired other gems to join them, feels it was her fault that her fallen comrade got turned into a forced fusion.