Hi everyone, it's me, Iris, and I'm going to talk about the thing that the Burning Room is Garnet's room.

The Burning Room is Garnet's Room
Together Breakfast Garnet Burning room
Headcanon Information
Title The Burning Room is Garnet's Room
Author IrisIsBestPrincess
Illustrator IrisIsBestPrincess
Date of Publication February 11, 2016
Publication Order
Previous Occupation of Lapis Lazulis on Homeworld
Next Who is the Temple Fusion


So, the first thing to support this theory is that only Garnet can access the room via the temple door.

Another hint is that Garnet can swim in lava (as seen in "Giant Woman"), further explaining this.

So, leave feedback in the comments! I'd love to hear what you say!

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