Steven is a Fusion
Catch and Release Steven gem
Theory Information
Title Steven is a Fusion
Author Ronaldo Smith
Illustrator Ronaldo Smith
Date of Publication June 7 2015

Often, when talking about Steven's origin, he is described as having half of Greg's DNA and half Rose's DNA. This is how humans procreate.

A problem with that is that DNA is an organic molecule, and Gems are NOT organic. So Gems do not have DNA!

So how did Rose create Steven?

The only thing I can think of is that Steven is a clone of Greg that Rose nurtured in the womb she shape shifted for the purpose. The moment he was born Rose fused with the baby. This was possible because they had 9 months of very close association to synchronize completely.

Steven doesn't realize he is a fusion because he has always been one.

Most likely Rose kept this whole process a secret. Even Greg probably does not know.

There are several interesting consequences of this:

1) Steven will have a normal human lifespan.

2) Steven may be vulnerable to things that can harm humans, even though they would not harm Gems. Alternately perhaps the Rose part of Steven can protect the Greg clone part of Steven. We have already seen that the Greg clone part could protect the Rose part in Jail Break, where Steven is not harmed by the force fields or the gem destabilizer.

3) When Steven dies (hopefully of old age) the 'Greg clone' will die. Rose however will be able to retreat into her gem. There will be a 'poof' effect, but afterwards there will be a dead body, with the Rose Quartz gem next to it. This will be very confusing and upsetting to the Crystal Gems. Eventually Rose will emerge from the gem, but there will sure be a lot of crying. Rose will have the complete memories of Steven, since she was a part of him.

And here is a corollary:

Stevonnie is 1/3rd gem, not 1/4th gem, because she is a fusion of Rose, Greg clone, and Connie.