Steven is Rose's experiment to cure corruption
Theory Information
Author GoblinGem
Date of Publication August 26, 2016
We know Rose is a caring being, who would stop at nothing to protect her friends.

We also know that hundreds of gems were corrupted by the diamonds and left to roam the earth as tortured animals for thousands of years.

Corrupted gems have suffered mind-shattering damage, and thus cannot function like fully rational beings, hence they take monster-like forms and behave as such. The Diamonds took their personalities and scrambled them, forever preventing them from returning to their old selves.

Now Rose can heal part of the damage, but we've seen her power is not strong enough to "Fix" a mind. This makes sense since destroying a mind must be infinitely easier than fixing one.

I believe Rose has tried not hundreds of different methods trough the millenia to fix the corrupted gems. She must have tried shattering one and fixing it, she must have attempted to enhance her healing tears, she must have attempted to fuse with one and fix it from the inside. Garnet makes a comment when Steven tries to heal centipede "It's the best we've seen it work". It's clear that Rose has been a tragic character for endless years, defeating the Diamonds, freeing all of earth's gems, only to see them turned into mindless monsters as some sort of biblic punishment from the tyrants.

She paid a horrible price and so did her followers. So it's only logical that she's tried every plausible way to fix corruption, and failed.

So is Rose's response really to go and become her own son with a human ?

I don't think so. I believe her interest in Steven's got her to think outside the box to fix the problem she was facing. Instead of trying to fix the gem corruption trough gem technology or magic, she realized humans might hold the key.

Rose abandoned her entire personality to become a human.

Rose abandoned her own form and created a new one to become human.

Rose Was fascinated by human children, which Greg introduced to her.

It is clear Greg was not her first human "Partner" as Pearl once said about the men who came into her life, but only Greg made the pieces make sense to her.

What do I mean ? Well think about it.

you have a mindless corrupted gem, acting like some "Devil Baboon" monster.

Now you take away her already scrambled personality and reset it.

Then, you take the corrupted form it created and reset it as well.

Then you do the secret-unknown-thing that Rose did to become partially human with the corrupted gem.

The result: A newborn half-human-half-gem being. This begin will develop a new personality, and become fully sentient once again.

The end result heals the corruption and ends the Gem's torment for good, giving it a new chance at life.

What's more, the original gem's traits prevail in many aspects, just as we see in Steven.

But Rose wouldn't do that to another gem and be done with it, would she ? It would mean possibly voiding any chance of their old personality being restored. And she couldn't know if it would work. She is a saviour, not a mad scientist. What to do ? Experiment onto oneself. She did love and choose Greg. Why ? Because he was the right man, not only for her, but to save all of earth's gemkind by raising Steven right.

We do not know if her personality is completely lost. It's possible she still lingers somewhere.

If the corrupted gems were turned back to sentience trough this process, then perhaps their own personalities could even be eventually restored. I'd say the mind-fixing business gets easier when the patient isn't trying to devour or resist you.

The implications are very scary. Could Rose declare the experiment a success and just simply "Come back", effectively ending Steven's existence ?

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