Inactivity Policy
After prolonged periods of inactivity, staff members may be demoted; if they resume their wiki-activity, they may return to their previous position.

Primary Rules
  • If a staff member is inactive for at least one month, they are given "inactive" status and their powers are revoked, with the exception(s) outlined below.
  • If an inactive staff member returns after their period of inactivity, their powers may be returned.
  • If an inactive staff member returns after a period of inactivity and wishes to return to their previous position they must consult the demoting Bureaucrat. If the demoting Bureaucrat does not agree to their repromotion, they must reapply for their status.
  • If an active staff member goes on an extended vacation or leave of absence with intentions of returning, they obtain "temp. inactive" status and said clauses do not apply to them unless the extended vacation or leave of absence is one year.

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