Theory Policy
Both theories and speculations are coherent statements made in an attempt to explain the events of Steven Universe. Neither can be treated as canonical until they are presented as a fact by a reputable source.

Primary Rules
  • Provide reasoning for your theory.
    • Without supporting evidence, statements are merely speculation. Speculation is similar to theories except there are no facts or logic to back the theory up.
  • Do not state theories as questions or possibilities (avoid terms like "Maybe", "I think").
  • Focus on the theory:
    • You need to focus on what you theory wants to prove. Don't get away from the main idea or create theory within theories.
  • Do not add illogical or disproven theories.
    • When information that confirms a theory is revealed by a canonical source, the statement becomes fact and can be moved to Category:Confirmed Theory.
  • Adding humor to theories or articles "just to be funny" is not particularly helpful and will most likely be seen as a nuisance, or worse, as vandalism.
  • Place images on the most relevant article.

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