Secrets of Stevonnie
Theory Information
Author Ice Bear Phantom
Illustrator Ice Bear Phantom
Date of Publication January 9th, 2016
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Stevonnie is the mysterious fusion of Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran. It has only appeared in "Alone Together" and for a few seconds in "We Need To Talk". Due to the lack of appearances, there are many puzzles that need to be solved.

How is Stevonnie Possible?

The Gems were quite shocked that Steven had fused with Connie, with the latter not being a gem. Pearl even wondered "How is that possible?" This question has a few possible solutions.

Steven is Half-Human

The Gems say it's because I'm half-human...

—Steven about Stevonnie in "We Need To Talk"
We Need To Talk Defuse

Steven is not an ordinary gem. He is the human incarnation of Rose Quartz. Rose surrendered her physical form to give birth to him and, therefore, gave him her gem. As a hybrid, he uses attributes of both races. Steven's human attributes mix with those of Connie. However, ordinary humans can not fuse due to logic. This is where Rose/Steven's gem comes into play. Every gemstone has magical properties. Maybe Steven's gem magic causes them to fuse together.

Rose's Desire

Rose Greg Dance
Rose may have given up his physical form to create Steven, but her spirit is still within his gem, as stated in the video tape.

Steven, we can't both exist. I'm going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you and loving being you.

—Rose Quartz on the "To Steven" tape in "Lion 3: Straight to Video"

From "We Need To Talk", we learn that Greg tried to fuse with Rose after seeing Rainbow Quartz. Even though she wasn't able to fuse with him, like with Rainbow, she expressed her fond love for him.

That's not a problem! I love humans! You're all so funny!

—Rose Quartz expressing love for humans in "We Need To Talk"

Rose loved Greg, enough to wipe the slate clean on her physical form to give him a son. If their fusion was successful, it would be a beautiful fusion of love. Rose is a great conveyor of love; even her gem is a Crystal of Unconditional Love in real life. As half of Steven, she would know what is going on in her son's life. If so, she would know that Steven has affection for a human, Connie, much like her relationship with Greg. His human form would allow him to fuse with other humans like Rose had unsuccessfully tried to do. Rose's hopes may be strong enough to power this fusion of love.

Steven's Vast Imagination

Steven is a young boy with a wild imagination as shown by his dreams in "Chille Tid". This probably due to his happy-go-lucky nature. When he is in Rose's room, he is able to express it physically.

I want a tiny floating whale to give me some fin!

—Steven demonstrating Rose's room in "Open Book"

But, the room can't explain some of his other "imagination spawns". Take the cat fingers for example.

Cat Fingers Eating Fry Bits
He imagined himself shapeshifting into a cat and his index finger turned into an adorable, white kitten. This vivid imagination of his could be the cause of the cat fingers. Stevonnie could also be an expression of his imagination. Bringing his imagination to life could be one of his unique gem powers that he has yet to understand. But, it is shown that his imagination can spiral out of control, such as when his cat fingers engulfed his body and the room's Connie turned against him. This insane imagination could be the cause of Steven and Connie's unexpected defuse at the party.

Can Stevonnie Change Appearance?

Clothing Changes

Connie Second Stevonnie
In Stevonnie's outfit, the red shirt obviously represents Steven's notable t-shirt and the blue tank over top represents Connie's dress. Stevonnie has no other clothing designs due to limited fusion. In both fusion dances, Connie is wearing the same dress. Usually, when Gems regenerate, their different clothing changes the appearance of their fusion. Humans experience clothing changes when they simply get dressed each day; no need to regenerate for a new style. So, if Connie or Steven wear different clothes when they fuse again, it will give Stevonnie a new appearance.

Connie's Glasses

Stevonnie Awkward Stare

In "We Need To Talk", when Steven and Connie are fusing, Connie wears her glasses, unlike in "Alone Together". However, this does not affect the appearance of Stevonnie, as seen in the left image. This may be because this episode happens long after "An Indirect Kiss", when Steven heals Connie's eyes with his spit. Connie popped out the lenses since she didn't need them anymore. Relating back to the above theory about Stevonnie being a spawn of Steven's imagination, this could be Steven specializing the fusion's appearance. If Connie doesn't need her glasses, why should Stevonnie?

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