Rose was an exiled Diamond
Headcanon Information
Author Mechadestroyer
Date of Publication February 7, 2016

Hey guys! It's my first theory... Idk how to add photos because it's my first page... ok this theory is for ROSE!!!

We can Sky Arena we got 4 diamonds with diferent gem placements, BD/YD chest gem WD forehead gem PD stomatch gem. We dont know a gem with gem placement in belly after Rose Quartz(Steven), My theory its:

Back To The Barn Pearl

She its an exiled Diamond because she wanted to protect Earth and to destroy who wanted to kill humans. Diamonds wanted that then PD was transformed in a Quartz. (And we can see at the Pearl*s space suit PD emblem. And Pearl was like an servant for Rose Quartz)

Add comments and say when you think its a good theory...

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