Ronaldo is a Scientist
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Title Ronaldo is a Scientist
Author Vloggmusprime
Illustrator Vloggmusprime
Date of Publication February 09 2016
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Previous The Second Homeworld Rebellion

Before we Begin...

I would like to say that this is just an observation that I made, with no strong evidence to support it and it isn't very important in the grand scheme of anything anyways. I just think it's funny.

With That Out of the Way...

Albert Einstein once said;

If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts"

—Albert Einstein

He said this to mock fake scientists that did that (changed the facts.) In 2015, Youtuber Scott Manley updated this to the 21st century, or at least said it better;

The only difference between a scientist and a conspiracy theorist or politician is; A scientist changes the theory to fit the facts. A conspiracy theorist or politician changes the facts to fit the theory.

—Scott Manley

I'll be using Scott's example because it's easier to apply to things.

The idea of Snersons doesn't have much to do with what a lot of non-sciency people think of science. Maybe, I don't know what people who aren't very sciency think. So, let's judge Ronaldo by his actions specifically in the episode, "Keep Beach City Weird," and see how well he measures up to what Scott said. His other major appearances, ("Horror Club" and "Rising Tides, Crashing Skys,") Don't offer as much information in to his method of making theories as "Keep Beach City Weird" does. To contrast Ronaldo's methods, I'll use Mayor Dewey's actions in the episode, "Political Power." He is a politician after all, so he should fit right in to what Scott said, Right? So, let's go.

Ronaldo Is a Scientist

So, to start off, what exactly is Ronaldo's theory? Well that's obvious, Snake People rule the world. Later on, Ronaldo is confronted with new facts that challenge his theory, that sneeple don't exist. Now, here comes the important bit, Ronaldo, instead of trying to manipulate the facts to fit his sneeple theory, changes his sneeple theory to fit the facts. His new theory basically replaces sneeple with "Polymorphic Sentient Rocks." This fits right in to what Scott said. Now Mayor Dewey on the other hand...

Mayor Dewey is a Politician

The hardest part of all of this was finding out Mayor Dewey's theory. After a while I came up with this, "The power will come back on soon." Never in the episode is it explicitly stated, unlike with Ronaldo, though it is implied that's what Bill thinks (sort of.) Bill comes up to the gems with his theory in mind, "The power will come back on soon," and is presented with new facts that challenge his theory, "The power will be back on between tomorrow and never." If Bill was a scientist, his theory would change to, "The power will come back on between tomorrow and never," but that would make people, "panic and riot," so Bill changes the facts to fit his theory, "The power will come back on by sundown." Changing the fact that the power might never come back on fits to his original theory, of coming back on soon. Sundown is soon, so that'll work for his theory.

So in Conclusion

Ronaldo is a scientist and Mayor Dewey is a politician.

I think we've all learned something very important today!

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