Pregnant Rose Couldn't Fuse
Lion 3 Rose pregnant
Headcanon Information
Title Pregnant Rose Couldn't Fuse
Author IrisIsBestPrincess
Date of Publication February 6, 2016
Publication Order
Previous All Gems Can't Fuse
Next Peridot's Weapon
Hi, this is Iris, I'm back with another theory. In this one I want to explain that I think Rose (while pregnant) couldn't fuse with other Gems.


So, I think Rose, while pregnant, couldn't fuse with other Gems, because Steven wouldn't be possible. And no, Rainbow Quartz wasn't created while Rose was pregnant.

So, if Rose would fuse with another Gem while pregnant, the fusion would be half-pregnant. That wouldn't be possible. If Rose would've stood fused, Steven wouldn't appear.

So, leave some feedback in the comments!

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