Pink Diamond was sacrificed
Theory Information
Title Pink Diamond was sacrificed
Author Qbertp
Illustrator HDParsleys
Date of Publication May 20, 2016
Source qbert Tumblr
Publication Order
Previous How Gems on Earth became Corrupted
Next Lion is Corrupted Pink Diamond
You can find the premises of this theory on these pages:
  1. How Gems on Earth became Corrupted
  2. Lion is Corrupted Pink Diamond
  3. Pink Diamond Was In Love With Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems kidnapped Pink Diamond, while the other 3 Diamonds decided to exterminate all gem life on Earth to stop the rebellion with their lethal light weapon (see How Gems on Earth became Corrupted), sacrificing their sister Pink Diamond in the process.


  1. Blue Diamond’s subjects (including Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire)[1] identify Earth as a perfect planet for Kindergardening, hence they mobilize Pink Diamond’s fleet [2] and start colonizing the planet.
  2. When Rose lands on Earth she falls in love with the variety and beauty of organic life and reports to Pink Diamond (more ore less in the same way Peridot did with Yellow Diamond) but Pink Diamond doesn’t intend to stop Earth colonization.
  3. Rose is crushed and disappointed, and she rebels against the authority along with Pearl [3]
  4. Initially the Crystal Gems pose no real threat to the Authority, but they’re slowly getting more powerful, as new gems are joining the CG army, 
  5. Stevenu02
    During a harsh fight Pink Diamond is poofed and kidnapped by the CG. [4] [5]
  6. No one knows where the Crystal Gems hid Pink Diamond, Lapis Lazuli gets confused for a CG, put in a mirror, and repeatedly interrogated by Pink Diamond's subjects (As we see in "Same Old World".)
  7. During the final battle the three remaining Diamonds decide to leave Earth abandoning their sister Pink Diamond. Using a final weapon that will corrupt every gem on Earth they sacrifice Pink Diamond in the name of the greater cause of defeating the Crystal Gems.
  8. Stevenu01
    Rose managed to save her closest friends, and -of course- Amethyst, the Cluster and the other mutant gems were safe underground, while Lapis Lazuli was shielded by her mirror.
  9. Pink Diamond is now corrupted. (see Lion is Corrupted Pink Diamond)


  1. We can assume Blue Diamond's fleet was among the first to visit Earth because of Lapis' flashback in S03 E03 "Same Old World".
  2. Pink Diamond's fleet could be one of the first to visit Earth, if we accept that the ship Peridots traps the Crystal Gems in (S02 E15 "Friend Ship") is indeed Pink Diamond's. For further reading,
  3. As we see in "The Answer"
  4. The "Serious Steven" mural depicting Rose holding a pink-ish diamond could hint to that.
  5. This could aswell be the moment when Rose lost her Scabbard, that would explain why Lion knows about it.

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