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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Pink Diamond is on the side of the Crystal Gems. We appreciate the attempt.
Pink Diamond is on the side of the Crystal Gems
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Theory Information
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication January 16. 2015
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This theory proves that Pink Diamond, is or was in the side of the Crystal Gems.


There are many speculations about Rose and the Pink Diamond so this theory could be a additional proof to others theories. First of all, why Pearl, the first gem to join the Crystal Gems (after Rose of course), know about all that Diamond bases, the Ancient Sky Arena, the Ancient Sky Ship, and the Moon Diamond Base? She always go to these places like it's a common, familiar place. She knows every detail about these places, now notice that: What these places have in common?

Diamond Authority symbol previous

The Great Diamond Authority symbol. But how this means that Pink diamond is on the side of the CGs? Well let's take a look in the old and important episode, "Serious Steven".

The Pyramid Temple, with the new authority logo, and with the rebellion events inscribed. In this episode they go in a mission, to recover a gemstone.

I don’t know what it means! This is a death trap!

—Pearl, "Serious Steven"

They didn't know nothing about that temple, how it works and what it was showing. In the end of the episode, you can see they didn't care about the temple exploding, for example, Pearl was crazy about Rose's fountain mess in "An Indirect Kiss".

Jail Break Ship Symbol

What can we take from all that? They know the builds with Pink Diamond, but without her, the new authority builds, they don't. So, they know Pink Diamond. The Giant Space Hand, who invaded Earth in "The Return" were strange and unknown for the Gems, meaning the places they know and are familiar with it are the ones with the four diamonds.

The symbol changed after the war, which means something happened with Pink Diamond after the war, like the Crystal Gems.


The Crystal Gems know about Pink Diamond, and all places within her, in the war, Rose's army was destroyed, and in the same time, Pink Diamond disappeared from the authority. All of that means that they were somehow in the same "team".

Disproved Theory

This theory was disproved in the episode "Back to the Moon" which tells that the Crystal Gems were against Pink Diamond too.

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