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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Pink Diamond is alive. We appreciate the attempt.
Pink Diamond is alive
Theory Information
Author Spyair123
Illustrator Spyair123
Date of Publication January 10th, 2016
Publication Order
Previous Why Diamonds are perfect beings
Next Lapis is a member of Blue Diamond's Court


The current condition of Pink Diamond.


Great Diamond Authority Symbol


Currently, we do not know who is Pink Diamond nor how she looks like. We've seen in other structures and buildings before the war occurred, that there were symbols that consists of four diamonds of different colors: White, Blue, Yellow and Pink. Now on new or modern structures, the new symbol had the same three colored triangles, but with the pink symbol removed.

Sky Arena Statues


Based on the symbol, Yellow, Blue and White Diamond are still alive or in power. In "Sworn to the Sword", we first saw the four diamond symbol on the Ancient Sky Arena. In the arena, we also saw four statues of gems, possibly statues of the Diamonds. Three of the statues are still in good shape and one of them is destroyed. I'm assuming that the statue that was destroyed was Pink Diamond's.

Why Pink Diamond isn't broken


But did Pink Diamond really got shattered? I think it's more likely that Pink Diamond was only removed from authority and power. She might be trapped inside a gem powered item or imprisoned as a punishment for doing a crime. Even if Pink Diamond's crime was really unacceptable, she shouldn't be shattered. Diamonds shouldn't break a fellow Diamond is because there are only four diamonds in existence or at least they're the rarest and most powerful of all gems.


Since Diamonds are the rarest and the most powerful gems that governs Homeworld. In the new symbol of the Great Diamond Authority, the pink symbol is removed. Pink Diamond is removed from the authority because of probably doing something unacceptable. But she isn't broken or shattered because she is a Diamond, the rarest gem. So she couldn't be shattered as a punishment, but rather bubbled or trapped inside an item.

Disapproved Theory

It was confirmed by Ruby (Eyeball) in "Back to the Moon" and Garnet in "Bubbled" that Pink Diamond was shattered by Rose Quartz.

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