Pink Diamond Was In Love With Rose Quartz
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Title Pink Diamond Was In Love With Rose Quartz
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication January 5, 2016
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Pearl was not the only Gem to have been in love with Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond was in love with her as well.


My theory The Disappearance of Pink Diamond highlighted several things. Pink Diamond was a supporter of mixed Gem fusion and created an oasis on Earth for them (Lunar Sea Spire) as well as Rose Quartz utilized Pink Diamond's power in order to repel Blue Diamond (as depicted in the Pyramid Temple mural).

Lunar Sea Spire - When Did Pink Diamond Create It?

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One of the Lunar Sea Spire's statues depicting mixed Gem Fusion (multiple body parts)

In The Answer we learn that it was Garnet that invented the notion of mixed Gems fusing together, until then Gems did not think such a thing was possible. This gives us an approximate date for the creation of the mixed Gem Fusion artwork that was displayed in the Lunar Sea Spire, it had to have been created after the initial formation of Garnet. This in turn means that Pink Diamond was also around on Earth at that time. At this moment in time 5750 years ago, Rose Quartz had already started the rebellion with Pearl. This can only mean one thing, that Pink Diamond was actively aiding Rose Quartz and the rebellion by providing the rebels with the Lunar Sea Spire.

Lunar Sea Spire Statue 1

Another one of the Lunar Sea Spire's statues depicting mixed Gem Fusion (multiple body parts)

If mixed Gem Fusion was perceived by the rebel Gems to symbolize love, then Pink Diamond did so in the biggest way possible and yet the other Crystal Gems may not have realized the Lunar Sea Spire's true significance. The Spire was not just a sanctuary devoted to love of Earth and its lifeforms (paintings on the walls depict animals and trees) nor was it a place solely devoted to mixed Gem Fusion/love. It wasn't just a place for Crystal Gems to be free of Homeworld Gems. When Pink Diamond created the Lunar Sea Spire, she was not just creating it for all of the Crystal Gems, she was creating it for Rose Quartz - her successor.

Rose Quartz's and Pearl's Link To Pink Diamond

Rose Quartz's most obvious link to Pink Diamond is Pearl as Pearl still wears the pink diamond logo upon her spacesuit as well as on her Fusion, Sardonyx's shoes. These do not sound like the actions of a former leader who was usurped by one of their former followers, nor does Pearl's actions sound like someone who still bore ill will towards Pink Diamond.

How Pink Diamond Was Removed From Power

Was Pink Diamond removed from power by the other Diamonds? If they had done so, then why had to have done it in her absence whilst she was still on Earth. It does not seem logical that they would exile a Gem like Pink Diamond on a planet that was rebelling against them; even if she was not powerful magically, she could have become another rallying point for the Rebellion. There is another possibility however, that Pink Diamond actually stepped down as leader in favour of Rose Quartz. This would explain why Pink Diamond continued to support the rebels, but it does seem odd that although she supported the rebels, she did not assume leadership.

Pink Diamond During The Gem Wars

Rose Quartz & Pink Diamond

Firstly lets recap on the fact that Rose Quartz was depicted on the Pyramid Temple mural wielding a pink diamond-shaped object as she faced Blue Diamond. We cannot say for certain what that object was, only that it is something related to Pink Diamond, perhaps even her gemstone.

The Lion/Pink Diamond Connection

Let us now fast forward to the final battle of the Gem Wars, the one mentioned in Rose's Scabbard. In my theory Lion was a Crystal Gem, I mentioned that Lion was a corrupt Gem who had a personal connection with Rose Quartz, to the point that she trusted Lion with secrets that she could not with Pearl. Many of Lion's actions speak of his personal knowledge of Rose Quartz as a Gem, that when Steven wishes to know more about his mother, Lion makes it happen. But the main thing is Rose's scabbard, that Lion had to have been present when Rose Quartz lost the scabbard over 5000 years ago in a humanoid form, but was unable to return it to her for some reason. I also said that Lion's gem colour was pink and that it's location was in his chest, concealed by his mane. What I omitted was that the glow seen through Lion's mane whenever Steven accesses Lion's pocket dimension is roughly diamond in shape and Lion fits the description of a pink version of a corrupted Diamond, i.e. Pink Diamond. The Answer confirmed how similar the other Diamonds look like to each other in the Pyramid Temple mural with respect to their gemstones and there is no reason for Pink Diamond to be any different from her fellow Diamonds.

The Implications of Lion Being Pink Diamond

If Lion was Pink Diamond then his actions become much more clearer, he is acting as Steven's guardian and protecting him in a way that the other Crystal Gems cannot, much like the support Pink Diamond gave Rose Quartz when she was created the oasis for Gems at the Lunar Sea Spire. Also Lion does not appear to be blinded by the hero worship the Crystal Gems display for Rose Quartz, however his actions speak of a strong devotion to Rose Quartz as well as personal knowledge of her. I believe that he is knowledgable about the ancient Gem ways of chivalry, which explains why he teleported Connie and Steven to Rose Quartz's armory as he was carrying on Rose's legacy - he knew Connie would be Steven's knight before Pearl did and wanted them to begin their training. (Pink Diamond once had Rose Quartz fight as her knight, and of course Pearl tried to do the same for Rose Quartz in a very misguided way). Essentially Lion is there to give Steven what he actually needs to prepare him for what Connie said was magical destiny stuff, rather than do what the rest of the Crystal Gems have done and tried to shield him from the inevitable.

It is unclear when Rose and Lion reunited after the Gem Wars, it could have been thousands of years afterwards, but I believe she recognized who Lion was, thus protected him from the other Crystal Gems (namely Pearl and Amethyst who would might have bubbled him) by assigning him to guard the Desert Glass Gem, keeping him out of their way for as long as she. This shows that Lion meant far more to Rose Quartz personally than the other corrupted Crystal Gems. Rose Quartz stored items for Steven in Lion's mane knowing eventually that Steven would find them. Perhaps Sapphire/Garnet may have foreseen this, but maybe Rose Quartz knew just how devoted Lion was to her in order to take that risk. Unlike Pearl, Pink Diamond was not made to serve Rose Quartz, she chose to serve Rose Quartz and became a Crystal Gem of her own free will and continues to do so now as Steven's guardian, Lion.

It is uncertain that Rose Quartz ever knew of Pink Diamond's feelings, she doesn't have the best track record with acknowledging and dealing with other people's/Gem's emotions. They were certainly good friends, which contradicts the Diamond/minion dynamic displayed by other Gems, enough for Pink Diamond to get to know Rose Quartz on a personal level akin to what Pearl did.


Pink Diamond was among the Gems who wanted to preserve life on Earth, however it was Rose Quartz that started the rebellion. Rather than stand against Rose Quartz or even taken the leadership of the rebellion, Pink Diamond stepped aside for Rose Quartz. In fact Pink Diamond continued to aid Rose Quartz during the rebellion (building a huge spire/sanctuary dedicated to love) and even fought by her side as a Crystal Gem during the last battle of the Gem Wars, as well as serving Rose afterwards when she was corrupted and became Lion. Although Pink Diamond's actions could have been seen as for the greater good of the Crystal Gems by aiding them as a whole, Pink Diamond/Lion's knowledge of Rose Quartz is far more in depth than a former leader would have for one of their many followers, they had developed a friendship and a familiarity which would be out of place on Homeworld.

Some of Pink Diamond's actions speak of a deeper devotion to both Rose Quartz (Lunar Sea Spire) which still continues as she serves as a guardian to Rose's son Steven.