Peridot Fusing
Theory Information
Author Ice Bear Phantom
Illustrator Ice Bear Phantom
Date of Publication January 9th 2016
Publication Order
Next Secrets of Stevonnie

The new episode "Log Date 7 15 2" has had me thinking. Will Peridot be able to fuse? If so, with whom?

Possible Fusion Partners


Amedot Too Far

Amethyst is probably a big target for Peridot's fusion. They have grown a strong relationship in the episode "Too Far". Amethyst jokes around with Peridot's lack of Earth knowledge, but Peridot takes it too far (hence the title) and insults her with the fact she was "overcooked" in the Kindergarten. Amethyst ignores Peridot until the latter accidentally makes the drill head go haywire. The former is almost hurt, probably enough to poof her, but Peridot jumps in and slams her down while Steven deactivates the head. A slam to protect another gem has also occurred to fuse a notable accidental fusion, Garnet, in "The Answer". Due to Peridot and Amethyst's feelings, this may happen again and cause them to fuse.


Steven Teaches Peridot About Rain
Steven also has a good relationship with Peridot. He comforted her when she was hiding out in his bathroom and tried to protect her from the Gems. Peridot was a threat, but Steven treated her like part of the family. In "When It Rains", he is most compassionate to her and helps her through the rainstorm (which Peridot though was the hatching of the Cluster). This companionship could be taken to the next level of fusion. They worked well together when fending off the experiment gems and it would be interesting to see Steven's first fusion with a gem.


Peridot Garnet Fusion Attempt
In "Log Date 7 15 2", Peridot sees Pearl and Amethyst fuse into Opal. She musters the courage to talk to Garnet, who invites her to fuse with her. Peridot is shocked and allows the fusion to mentor her through it. They perform a near successful dance. However, when she is about to grab Garnet's palm, her "stilts" get shaky and she loses her balance. Peridot and Garnet seemed to make a good fusion combo for a newbie, as the latter knows a lot about fusion. Garnet could mentor Peridot into her first fusion, once the "stilts" get under control.

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