Hey Steven Universe fans, it's ya girl Kmes here with yet another theory. This theory came to mind after I

Pearls Were Made From Crushed Gems
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Author Kmes the Awesome JJ
Date of Publication February 7, 2016
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read an article about real life pearls and hot they are made and harvested. So, if you're interested, curious, or have nothing better to do, keep on reading!

How Are Real Pearls Made?

If you went to elementary school, you should probably know that pearls are made from an irritant, usually a grain of sand, which enters the interior of an oyster. Then, the oyster coats that irritant with a mineral called "mother-of-pearl," creating the valuable gem.

FUN FACT: Pearls were originally harvested by diving into the ocean and finding them by chance. As the years passed, tools such as nose plugs and diving suits were developed for pearl diving. In the early 1st century, oyster farms were finally developed for mass production of pearls.

Quartz Sand

The most common irritant, sand, is basically crushed minerals such as gravel, shells, and rocks. A common type of sand is made from the mineral we all know, quartz.

Sometimes, multiple irritants can make their way into an oyster, creating a "defected" pearl.


Defected Swarovski Pearl

Now with this information, we can connect this to the world of Steven Universe.

How Do the Scientific Facts Connect to Steven Universe?

After pondering those facts, I was able to create my own headcanon that actually makes sense. My idea is that Pearls are created in a structure called the "Mother-of-Pearl" or "Pearl Mother" or something like that. We can assume that the "Mother-of-Pearl" somehow gives some resemblance to an oyster. Now, the dark stuff. Pearls are created by placing a shard of a broken gem into the Mother-of-Pearl, and that gem is coated, just like a real pearl. The new Pearl inherits the personality of the gem that it was made from, almost like an incarnation. We were told in "The Answer" that criminal gems are executed by having their gems broken, so maybe having their shards created into Pearls are their punishment, forever forced to satisfy favors, serve others, have no freedom, and be incredibly salty. The two homeworld Pearls we have seen, Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl, are very loyal and have solitary personalities. However, our Pearl thinks for herself and is very independent. In "The Return," Jasper calls Pearl a "lost, defective Pearl." Now, Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl's gems are circular, while Crystal Gem Pearl's gem is an oblong shape. As you read earlier, deformed pearls are made from multiple irritants. With this information, we can conclude that our Pearl was accidentally made with two gem shards, giving her two personalities. Those personalities collided gave pearl the ability to think independently.

So, that's my theory about Pearls. Leave a comment below, I always love feedback!

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