Pearl shattered Pink Diamond
Pearl the killer
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Title Pearl shattered Pink Diamond
Author Quartzel2.0
Illustrator Quartzel2.0
Date of Publication June 1, 2017
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We are now sure that Rose Quartz didn't shatter Pink Diamond, so who did this ? Today I offer you my own theory which seems quite credible.

My Theory

Pearl is the Pink Diamond's Pearl

Every Gem has a colored diamond on her chest in order to indicate her belonging. For exemple, Peridot and the five Ruby have a yellow diamond because they work (or worked) for... Yellow Diamond. When she wears her space suit, Pearl has a pink diamond, so it seems logical that she worked for Pink Diamond.

In the episode 4.12 ("Adventures in Light Distortion"), Pearl says "When I still served... (short silence with her eyes lowering) ...Homeworld, I saw it myself." That means that Pearl has a secret role she wants to hide, and she went to the Zoo, property of Pink Diamond. All these proofs obsviously demonstrate that Pearl is in fact the Pink Diamond's Pearl.

The murder of Pink Diamond

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Who murdered Pink Diamond ? We learn evidence that Pearl is guilty of Pink Diamond's murder, especially in the episode 5.2 ("The Trial").

1) Blue and Yellow Diamonds loved Pink Diamond. It is obvious that Blue Diamond was in love with Pink Diamond, and Yellow Diamond loved her too (4.15 "That Will Be All"). During her song, Yellow Diamond reveals her feelings. She is not completely stern and stoic : Yellow is very kind with the others Diamonds.

2) The murder of Pink Diamond was a win for the Crystal Gems only. Pink Diamond was the leader of the Earth's colonisation. The only winners of her murder are the Crystal Gems, because it had a huge impact on the invasion. However, Rose Quartz is full of love for all creatures, and she couldn't killed anybody, even if they were her ennemies ("Bismuth"). It is not the case of Pearl, a quite agressive Gem ready to do anything for her beliefs and for helping Rose. And, by killing a Diamond, Rose could become a legend of the rebellion.

3) Pink Diamond was killed by someone near. In "The Trial", Steven's lawyer explains that nobody give the alert for the arrival of Rose Quartz, but she was already known as a rebel. The lawyer insists on the role of Pink Diamond's Pearl which was supposed to be just next to her mistress. She has the best opportunity to kill her quickly, and then accused the perfect scapegoat : the leader of the rebellion Rose Quartz, as fast and discrete as a ghost (or a ninja, if you prefer this comparison).

4) Pink Diamond was shattered with a sword ("The Trial"). However, Rose's sword cannot shattered any Gem (3.20-21 "Bismuth"). Yellow Diamond didn't need any weapon (she threw lightning bolts during "The Trial"). But who, except Rose, uses a sword ? ...Pearl, obviously.

5) The murder was thousands of years ago. When Pink Diamond died, "Rose Quartz had been a recognized threat for several hundred years." (Steven's lawyer in "The Trial"), so it was at the very begining of the rebellion. Indeed, the Crystal Gems have been existed for more than 5750 years (date when Garnet joined them, according to the episode 2.22 "The Answer"). We can supposed that just after this murder, Pearl joined Rose Quartz in her rebellion.

Pearl's ultimate betrayal

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This is what happened, from my point of view :

One day, Pearl met Rose Quartz (maybe she just saw her during one of her attacks) and she fell in love. She realized that Rose's goal was fair, so she decided to do something...

Pearl is quite an unstable person, very troubled by her feelings. She passes from joy to anger (to sadness) very quickly, and she sometimes seems to act without reason, especially when she follows her heart (for exemple, episode 4.6 "Last One Out of Beach City"). This time, she crossed the line. She killed Pink Diamond in her palanquin and then accused Rose Quartz. It was both a way of escaping death and a "gift" offer to Rose. It could also be a manner to rise Rose as the powerful renegate who killed a Diamond, and attract some other Gems in the rebellion.

In S5E6 “Gemcation”, pearl fears that Steven has seen something upsetting in home world, and it sounds as if she is about to confess a long-hidden secret about the diamonds starting with “I”. She could be saying “I know what really happened” but I feel it is far more likely that she may be saying “I shattered Pink Diamond.”


To conclude, after accusing Rose Quartz and Yellow Diamond, Pearl is a good alternative to the role of the murderer. Is would be an revelation which is both shocking and satisfying for the narrative. (If you want to know my other theory, read why I think that White Diamond is Homeworld)