besides gem placement, first regeneration outfit we haven't seen yet, peridot saying she looks like a fancy pearl, and skin color, like many fans have mentioned, i've got some more evidence from new episodes to help support  the ' pearl belonging to white diamond theory'. Remember in space race when pearl said she had her memories of others worlds and also how she knew about the moon base and pink diamonds human zoo in later episodes and in adventures in light disortion how she was about to say who she used to belong to she rolled her eyes away and looked very scared. if you look at white diamonds mural on the moon base and in the old and new great diamond authority logos you'll notice that white diamond has the most colonies and she's always at the top of the old and new great diamond athourity logoes and in her mural shes holding an orb in her hands ,many people think that this is homeworld and i personaly agree, so this could mean that she is the most powerful daimond and probably governs most of homeworld. and if we look at yellow diamond who has the seconde most colonies if we remember in message recived when peridot contacted her and when peridot disobeyed her and called her a clod , and if YD could scare yellow pearl and peridot that easily then, like many fans think, white diamond could be way worse like way scarier and that could be why pearl didn't mention her, looked scared and just claimed to serve homeworld in that episode. and i know what your thinking if pearl belonged to white diamond why isn't her hair white, why is it pink. well i watched a youtube video by a fan named rocket bot, by the way go cheak out rocket bots videos they are awesome, called 'pearl started the rebellion' he said in the answer that pearl looked a lot whiter than she does now and i do think that she had white hair. and in gem hiest when the gems were walking with holly blue agat while she was explaining the zoos history pearl at some point during their walk she looked off to the side looking very scared the first time and she looked off to the other side less worried a seconde time so i think she was just looking around the zoo the seconde time she was looking around but i think the first time she was looking for some one who might remember her, who is very scary, who probably governes all of homeworld, who is probably the most powerful diamond of them all i think the first time pearl was looking around she was looking for white diamond to see if she was at the zoo and was hoping that she wasn't there to see and reconise her as her old pearl. and like how i said that how pearl had her memories of  other worlds, knew  about the moon base and pink diamonds human zoo if WD was the most powerful daimond do you think that like how she went to her colonies do you think that she would have went to the other diamonds colonies to cheak on progress and also could have went to the zoo, the moon base, and the earth and she could have brought pearl with her. and remember how peridot said that pearl looked like a fancy pearl , what if pearl had on her first regeneration outfit and had white hair when she served homeworld and white diamond and it makes sence a fancy pearl would make a good pearl for a diamond the highest diamond to be exact who is white, has her gem on her forehead, and governs most of homeworld. so id think ,like many other fans that pearl did serve white diamond before she defected to the crystal gems and even changed her hair color to make sure that other homeworld gems didn't reconize her as white diamond's od pearl because if anybody found oyt they could take her bak to homeworld and shatter her. i hope you all enjoy this comment and i hope that the 'pearl belonging to white diamond theory' is proven correct on the show soon.

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