Okay; I'm sure this will get shot down and/or disproven by the show pretty quickly. But I still think it's worth hashing out with the SU community. Essentially, I think that Pearl once belonged to White Diamond, and was assigned (or perhaps even gifted) to Pink Diamond during the colonization of Earth.

Evidence for White Diamond

There are several aspects of Pearl's appearance (and, as I will explain, possibly even her personality) that would point to her being White Diamond's servant. The most obvious of these is, of course, the placement of her gem: her forehead.

We have seen that, at least for Yellow and Blue, the Diamonds’ pearls were created with the same gem placement as their mistresses. 

Arguers against the somewhat popular Pink Diamond theory often bring up the fact that, while Pearl’s hair is a pinkish hue, nothing else about her appearance would indicate any affiliation with Pink. After all, the other Pearls match their Diamonds right down to their skin color. Pearl’s clothing are a variety of colors (likely her way of embracing freedom after joining Rose’s rebellion), but what I find most telling is the fact that she has such dramatically white skin.

Though we have yet to be graced with White Diamond’s presence on the show, a very telling mural (seen in “Back to the Moon”) has indicated that her gem was also on her forehead.

The Pearls have also been shown to emulate the traits of their mistresses. Yellow’s Pearl is authoritarian, snarky, and pushy. Blue’s Pearl is withdrawn, submissive, and quiet. I know that we don’t know White’s personality at all yet, but the placement of her gem in the old Diamond Authority insignia seems to suggest that she holds superiority over all Gems, even the other Diamonds. 

Thusly, I think it would sort of make sense that our Pearl (even after hundreds of years of being free) would maintain a seemingly undying (albeit good-natured) sense of superiority and know-it-all-ness, especially when it comes to Steven and Amethyst. I think she quite literally can’t help it because she was built that way. (Not to mention the fact that the servant of the highest ranking Gem on Homeward probably enjoyed a very high level of respect.) However, when in the presence of what she judges to be a more superior Gem than herself (i.e. Garnet or Rose), she quickly becomes submissive, insecure, and even abusive toward herself. White probably had that influence on her.

Now, if you do agree with this, how did Pearl get to Pink?

Pink Diamond Was a “Child”

We’ve seen that, despite the fact that Pink Diamond had a heavy presence on Earth and holds a heavy sway when it comes to Gems made on that planet, she may not have been as powerful as we once thought. The Diamonds’ murals in the Moon Base seem to depict how many colonies, planets, systems, etc. that they have either conquered or are now in control of. (At least, this is the leading theory.) If this is true, Pink only has one planet to her name, and I think it’s safe to assume that it’s Earth.

Now, this is nothing new. But it does open up another wormhole for me (which will lead into my explanation as to why our Pearl was suddenly foisted off onto Pink). I think that Pink was like a child when it came to the other Diamonds: They joined forces to create her and bring her to life (for reasons yet undisclosed), and Earth was her first big chance to truly fill her role as a Diamond and colonize/conquer a planet on her own.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but to me, it totally explains the two known Diamonds’ reactions when talking about her. Blue is in constant mourning (and I mean constant) over the loss. Most people probably assume that this is because they were romantically involved, but I think it’s deeper than that. After all, Pearl was head-over-heels for Rose Quartz AND lost her even more recently, but is still able to carry on and even reflect on her memories with Rose happily. 

Not only does Blue still sneak off to Earth to pay her respects to where Pink was shattered (AKA her grave) after centuries, but she refuses to change anything in Pink’s Human Zoo. She won’t even un-bubble or destroy the remaining Rose Quartz Gems. Not to get too personal, but I know a couple who lost their child while she was still young, and understandably, they left her room untouched for quite some time. 

Yellow reacts quite differently: She wants to put Pink’s legacy (and therefore her memory) behind them, focusing all her efforts on destroying Earth. As seen in “Message Received,” she has no interest in utilizing Earth for its resources; in her own words: “I want that planet to die.” This (paired with her pained “I miss her too” line from her song in “That Will Be All”) suggests that she is still grieving the loss herself, but coping in a completely different way. She thinks that destroying any (physical) evidence of Pink's existence will get her (and Blue) over their loss. This would also explain away any ideas that there was a Yellow/Pink/Blue love triangle, which personally, I’m hoping against no matter what. The Greg/Rose/Pearl triangle is enough for me!

In my opinion, the whole “child” angle also explains Pink’s Zoo. Like a little kid running free in a toy store, she collected as many humans as she could and whisked them away for her own entertainment. I don’t think she ever knew that what she was doing was wrong, not even when colonizing Earth and bringing harm to its life forms. After all, what kid wants to disappoint their parents?

Whew! What a tangent. Okay, so: back to Pearl!

Evidence for Pink Diamond

The strongest case for Pearl belonging to Pink (at least that I’ve seen) is Pink’s symbol on Pearl’s spacesuit in “Space Race." It seems unlikely that this is coincidence. We've seen that lesser Homeworld Gems often wear the insignia of their Diamond on their clothing (Jasper and Peridot sport yellow diamonds, while Lapis Lazuli has blue).

I think that, upon being given permission and/or being assigned to colonize Earth, White Diamond “gave” her Pearl to Pink for a variety of reasons. Many of you are probably thinking, “Why not make Pink her own Pearl?” Well, I think that White needed someone that she could trust, as well as someone with considerable experience, hence her sending her own closest servant. 

The most obvious reason (to me) would be for Pink’s protection. It seems like the other Diamonds didn’t have much involvement with Earth until Rose and the Crystal Gems began their rebellion; it would make sense for them to want someone watching over their youngest Diamond. This would also neatly explain Pearl’s ability to summon a spear as a weapon. It is indicated that Pearls were used on Homeworld solely as servants (hence Peridot’s behavior toward her in “Back to the Barn”), meaning that most wouldn’t require weapons. So, I think that White was either already utilizing Pearl as a bodyguard, or made an exception and trained her as such in order to protect Pink while on Earth without the other Diamonds. 

Another good reason to send her own Pearl would be to supervise and assist. As stated before, our Pearl has a pretty overbearing personality sometimes, especially when it comes to teaching. I think that this trait (inherited from White) helped her to guide Pink along the right path when starting her very first colony, and to meticulously solve any problem. If Pearl was really White’s to begin with, she probably saw several planets conquered and colonized before Earth. 

The last reason, which I feel is the strongest, would be so that White could secretly keep tabs on Pink. She wouldn’t have been able to trust the other Diamonds with this task, seeing as how fond of Pink and loyal to her they were, so she commanded Pearl to do it for her under the guise of being Pink’s assistant. Why would she do this in secret? As the supreme Gem leader (if that’s true), White probably doesn’t like the idea of any threat to her authority. Maybe Pink’s success with her Earth kindergartens, as well as the amount of Quartz soldiers she was able to create, didn’t sit too well with White. It also seems like Pink had a lot of charisma; almost all Homeworld Gems speak about her with esteem and adoration to this day. White probably saw this as a threat to her power. 

Another strong argument for this theory would be the fact that, originally, the Crystal Gems consisted of only Rose and Pearl. (At least, that’s the way it appeared in “The Answer.”) Pearl met Rose on Earth sometime while Pink was still alive and active, so it’s easy to see how she could be influenced by Rose and eventually brought to her cause before any other Gems. Pearl may have even given Rose access when she shattered Pink.

Who knows? Maybe White’s ultimate goal was and is to remove all the other Diamonds, which might have something to do with her eerie absence from the show so far.

What are your thoughts?

(P.S. I know this page needs work, but it’s my first so cut me some slack! Thanks for reading!)

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