Occupation of Lapis Lazulis on Homeworld
Mirror Gem Lapis Lazuli
Theory Information
Title Occupation of Lapis Lazulis on Homeworld
Author IrisIsBestPrincess
Date of Publication February 10, 2016
Publication Order
Previous Peridot's Weapon
Next The Burning Room is Garnet's Room
Now, after the thing that Lapis is Blue Diamond was disproved, let's talk about her lines in Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem.


Did you ever wonder who I used to be?!

—Lapis Lazuli, "Mirror Gem"
So, the quote "Did you ever wonder who I used to be?!" might suggest that she was a high-ranking Gem on Homeworld.

How could I have known the Gem contained in that mirror would be so powerful?

—Pearl, "Ocean Gem"
The line above said by Pearl also suggests that Lapis was powerful.

In "When it Rains", it seems like Peridot doesn't know about rain, proving that rain is extremely rare or doesn't exist on Homeworld, and Lapis herself controls water.


So, I think Lapis Lazulis are high-ranking Gems on Homeworld.

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