Modern Fusion Forming
Earthlings 113
Headcanon Information
Title Modern Fusion Forming
Author IrisIsBestPrincess
Illustrator IrisIsBestPrincess
Date of Publication August 11, 2016
Publication Order
Previous Sapphire's Weapon
Next The Obelisk is a Diamond Prototype

Hey there, today I'm gonna write about modern fusions and why dancing isn't involved anymore in their formation.


Homeworld's Technology Evolution

One possibility is that, when the technology on Homeworld changed, as mentioned by Lapis Lazuli in "The Message", dancing was shortened and replaced by just forming pyramids (the Rubies in "The Answer", "Hit the Diamond" and "Back to the Moon") and other moves.

Steven's Way of Fusing

Another possibility is that Steven mastered a new way of fusing with Gems (not humans), as shown with Amethyst.

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