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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Lion is Pink Pearl. We appreciate the attempt.
Lion is Pink Pearl
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Theory Information
Title Lion is Pink Pearl
Author Lennat (Now Lennat2)
Illustrator Erebus Elysium
Date of Publication February 9, 2016
Source Lennat Tumblr Lennat2 Tumblr


Lion is (or rather was) originally Pink Pearl, the pearl that served under Pink Diamond.


Diamond Authority symbol previous

The old Diamond Authority emblem

This is a theory that perpetuates the theory that Rose's Pearl was originally owned by White Diamond. Lets start with what I mean. According to the more ancient Gem architecture present on Earth, it is clued in that the Diamond authority was once made up of four diamonds instead of three. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond have already been presented within the show and clues of White Diamond have been layed out throughout the show. However, the older emblem presents a fourth diamond colored pink. Who exactly this diamond is or what happened to her is up for debate, but it is clear that Pink Diamond is no longer a part of the picture, as not only does the present day Diamond Authority emblem missing the pink diamond, but current imagery subtly alludes to Pink Diamond's absence of authority.

The newer Diamond Authority Emblem.

Pearls are considered high-quality gems with no citizenship, acting as decoration and servants to high ranking gems. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are shown to possess their own Pearls (apply named "Yellow Pearl" and "Blue Pearl"). Each of the Pearls presented in the show (including the Crystal Gems Pearl should she belong to White Diamond) are tinted the color of their owner, have hair and clothes mildly resemble the shape of their master's clothes and have the placements of their gems on the same spot as their owners. According to Peridot, Pearls are meant for "holding [their] stuff for [them]", which could possibly allude to Pearl's ability to store objects inside a pocket dimension in her gem, thus it is assumed that all Pearls have this ability. Who else has such an ability?

This theory presents the idea that Lion was - in fact - a Pink colored pearl lost on earth and loyal to Rose Quartz. So why a Lion? Odds are, nearly all other gems shown on the show were originally humanoid and coherent, but somehow became corrupted and started turning into monsters. In "Monster Buddies" Garnet claimed that Rose tried to repair these corrupted gems, so it is fairly possible that at some point between the end of the war and Steven's birth, Rose found Lion and was able to tame him much like how Steven was able to befriend the Centipeetle Mother. She would then use Lion's ability to store objects in "his" mane and keep some of her more precious items safely.

Should the theory that Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond be proven true, Rose could have known about Pink Pearl for much longer (possibly before even meeting Pearl), Lion's gem placement being the same as Rose's being easily obscured by Lion's mane.

Disproved Theory

In the episodes "Off Colors" and "Lar's Head", Steven cried tears that brought Lars from the brink of death, dying his whole body pink, healing his wounds and giving him a variety of other powers, including a portal into Lion's pocket dimension, a slow heart rate and a lack of a need for sustenance. This strongly implies that Lion was infact just a lion resuscitated by Rose the same way.

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