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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Lion is Corrupted Pink Diamond. We appreciate the attempt.
Lion is Corrupted Pink Diamond
Lion stare
Theory Information
Author Kmes the Awesome JJ
Illustrator Kmes the Awesome JJ
Date of Publication January 18, 2016
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Hey guys, Kmes here. After watching a bunch of theory videos and pondering a bit about Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, and Lion, a huge idea came into my mind. I decided to share my theory, and I was told about this Wiki. So, I'm gonna be sharing my theory with you guys.

What We Know About the Diamonds

So, our first exposure to the idea of the Great Diamond Authority was in the episode "The Return," when Jasper states, "Yellow Diamond needs to see this."

In the following episode of the two-parter, "Jail Break," we see this symbol on the floor before "Stronger Than You."

New Diamond Authority Logo
The symbol appears to be three triangles: A white one, a yellow one, and a blue one.

Later in the episode "Sworn to the Sword," We see this symbol in the Ancient Sky Arena but with four diamonds.

It Could've Been Great 00113
This symbol consists of four diamonds: A white one, a yellow one, a blue one, and additionally, a pink one. This has lead to many theories about a Pink Diamond that is no longer in the court.
It Could've Been Great 00097
It has been confirmed that these emblems symbolize the Diamonds, a.k.a. the top of the Hierarchy of Homeworld. In the recent StevenBomb, we have been introduced to two of these Diamonds, Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond.
It Could've Been Great 00100
In the episode "It Could've Been Great," the Crystal Gems go to a moon base. In this base, there are murals of the Diamonds. These murals can be easily made out as Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and by speculation, White Diamond. But where is Pink Diamond? Well, we can see that there is, in fact, a mural for Pink Diamond in this screenshot:
Pink and Blue Diamond Moon Base Pictures
Okay, so after that quick recap, we can start with our theory. The most popular theory is that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond, but it's about time we debunk this theory.

Why Rose Isn't Pink Diamond

We can debunk this infamous theory using 3 pieces of evidence. The first evidence is Rose's height. She's pretty short compared to the Diamonds we've seen so far. Saying that all Pearls are the same height, here are the size comparisons of the three gems and their Pearls.

Story for Steven (21)
Message Received 00116
Anti-debunkers may say that Rose just changed her form and changed her identity, but the next piece of evidence is the shape of their gemstones. Both Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond have diamond-shaped gemstones:
Blue Diamond Gem by Lenhi
Yellow Diamond Gemstone
Even White Diamond seems to have a diamond shaped gemstone. Rose Quartz's gemstone, which is circular with a pentagonal facet, doesn't really seem to fit with this pattern.

The final piece of evidence is, well, Ian Jones-Quartey confirmed it.

So with this being said, what was Rose's role in Gem society, and what happened to the real Pink Diamond?

Who Pink Diamond Really Was

As of now we know that Quartzes were made for military purposes. Rose Quartz was most likely created to be a general and as a comrade to Pink Diamond. It could be speculated that Rose Quartz was very close to Pink Diamond, and Pink Diamond is the real founder of the Crystal Gems.

What if Pink Diamond's symbol is missing from the modern emblem not because she was kicked off the hierarchy, but because everyone thinks she was dead? Rose Quartz most likely followed PD's legacy, and continued on to lead the rebellion. But what id PD isn't dead? What if she's just corrupted? If Pink Diamond is corrupted, maybe we've already met her...

That's right. Pink Diamond is none other than the lovable Lion.

Now let me explain what I think happens to a Gem when they corrupt. First of all, they lost their humanoid form and take the form of an animal or monster. I also think their behavior is based off their personality and goals before they went corrupt. All the corrupted gems we have seen are very aggressive. This is likely because they were all Homeworld Gems, natural enemies of the Crystal Gems. Remember how the Centipeetle was tame and friendly around Steven, but not around the Gems? Sound familiar. Yep, it's the same exact behavior of Lapis toward Steven and the Gems. Because Lapis recognized the Crystal Gems as enemies, but not Steven, she was aggressive toward the gems but passive to Steven. This behavior is most likely the same for corrupted gems. Because Pink Diamond was an ally (or maybe even the founder) of the Crystal Gems, she, as Lion, is very passive to the Crystal Gems.

So, that's my theory regarding Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz, and Lion. Comment below what you think, and see you next time!

Disproved Theory

In "Off Colors", Lars was resurrected by Steven, turning him pink and giving him a pocket dimension that connects to Lion's. This indicates that Lion was an ordinary lion who was resurrected by Rose Quartz.

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