Lars was Jimmy from Ed, Edd and Eddy
Jimmy Ed Edd Eddy
Theory Information
Title Lars was Jimmy from Ed, Edd and Eddy
Author Erebus Elysium
Date of Publication July 21, 2016


Lars is Jimmy from Ed, Edd and Eddy (a fellow Cartoon Network show) grown into his late teens.


Design wise, Lars' design is radically different, but this could be attributed to stark contrasts in art style.

In "The New Lars", Steven accidentally took possession of Lars' body in his sleep. All throughout the episode, Lars' behavior is much more childish and open to more activities in his life, their hair-styles having similarities to one another. It is also revealed that "Lars" is just his nickname, his actual name being "Laramie".

My theory states that originally, Lars' lived in Peach Creek in his younger life. He went by the nickname "Jimmy", having an interest in traditionally girly things when he was young and relying on his friend Sarah for support and protection. Then at some point for one reason or another - be it because of his parents or one of the various times the Ed's scams destroyed his house - moving to Beach City as a result.

With the change in surroundings, Jimmy had his braces removed and decided on a new "look". Due to years of bullying from others (from Eddy to the Kanker Sisters), Jimmy decides to try and toughen himself up, first adopting the nickname "Lars" because he thinks it sound tougher. Then he tries to close himself off from others, hence his hostility to Steven and his lack of overt respect to his friend Sadie, as well as trying to look "cool" by ruining his friendship with Ronaldo and trying to get to know the Cool Kids.

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