Lapis is a member of Blue Diamond's Court
Theory Information
Author Spyair123
Illustrator Spyair123
Date of Publication January 13th, 2016
Publication Order
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This theory is actually pretty obvious, that Lapis Lazuli is or was part of Blue Diamond’s court.


In “The Answer”, We saw a silhouette of an unknown gem. The silhouette bears resemblance to Lapis Lazuli. Its body structure, hair, and gemstone are very similar to that of Lapis Lazuli. So assuming that this was Lapis, and she was around before the war started, maybe she is part of Blue Diamond’s court.

Based on Lapis Lazuli’s appearance, we can assume that she is affiliated with Blue Diamond. Lapis, just like other members of Blue Diamond’s court had blue skin, blue hair, and have bangs. Lapis’ dress has a dark blue diamond symbol, which is split in the middle due to her outfit, with the half of the diamond is located on her top, and the bottom half of the diamond is on her skirt. But some of Blue Diamond’s associates don’t have the blue diamond symbol on their outfits,like Blue Pearl.  

Mirror Match

Lapis Lazuli displaying her power of creating water clones of her enemies

Just like Sapphire having great abilities like her future vision, Lapis Lazuli also possesses immense power, the ability of controlling water or Hydrokinesis. Even with a cracked gem, Lapis was able to form the entire ocean to a space elevator and can create flawless powerful water clones. Lapis Lazuli along with Sapphire has to be a very rare gem, since the abilities they possess are powerful and extraordinary. So, as a very rare gem, Lapis Lazuli might have been a member of Blue Diamond’s court like Sapphire. 


Sapphire has a lot of similarities with Lapis Lazuli that can prove Lapis Lazuli is a member of Blue Diamond's court. Because Lapis possesses the ability to control water and Sapphire can predict the future, their unusual abilities makes them rare. Since Lapis Lazuli is a gem that has extraordinary powers, there is always someone who would want to own her, which are the Diamonds or in this case Blue Diamond.

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