Lapis Was Underrated in Homeworld
MG - 16
Theory Information
Author Kmes the Awesome JJ
Illustrator Kmes the Awesome JJ
Date of Publication January 22, 2016
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Hey guys. It's Kmes again with another theory. This theory involves Lapis Lazuli and why she is so badly treated. So, let's get to the theory.

Lapis Lazuli's Relationships

Lapis's relataionships aren't exactly the best relationships ever. She's been, and only has been, abused and unfairly treated by all the gems we've seen so far. The only character we know that respects her is Steven.

Lapis Hand
In "Mirror Gem," we see the Crystal Gems threaten her, forcing her to use her powers to attack them.In "Jail Break," Jasper violently grabs Lapis while she tries to get away, calling her a "brat."
Jail Break Animation (1)
My conclusion? This harsh treatment is all because of one reason: Everyone thinks Lapis is weak and useless.

What Do You Mean? (Pun Intended)

A Quick Recap on Lapis's Power

As we know, Lapis Lazuli has the power to manipulate water, also known as Hydrokinesis. This means she can control anything with water, no matter how much it is. Her power is actually very...well, powerful. We can see that when she is able to take all the water in the ocean and build it into a giant tower that reaches outer space.

OG - 10

Okay, So She's Powerful. Don't the Gems Know That Already?

Actually, they don't. Why? Simply, there is no water on Homeworld. In "When It Rains," Steven has to explain the precipitation system to Peridot. If Steven has to explain that, Peridot is not familiar with rain, or rain does not occur in Homeworld. If rain doesn't occur in Homeworld, then there is most likely no bodies of water there. (In order for there to be rain, we would need water, right?) Gems also don't need water to survive, so why would there be a useless substance on the planet? Without water, Lapis isn't very powerful.

When It Rains00042

Justice for Lapis!

Lapis Lazuli does not deserve to be treated the way she is. She was pretty much underrated and low-ranked, because her power was useless on her planet. On Earth, she's pretty powerful. If the gems knew about her immense power, she would probably be much more respected.

Well, that's my theory. It's not as well written as my last one, but I wanted to share it. Leave your feedback in the comments, and see you next time!

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