Lapis Lazuli Will Join The Crystal Gems Because Of Peridot
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Title Lapis Lazuli Will Join The Crystal Gems Because Of Peridot
Author SpinDizzy1
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Date of Publication January 9, 2016
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Lapis Lazuli will eventually be convinced to join the Crystal Gems. Although Steven Universe will help with Lapis' transition, it is Peridot who will play a key role in establishing trust between Lapis Lazuli and the rest of the Crystal Gems.


Lapis Lazuli's Choices

Lapis Lazuli is a Gem of very few options. She has already attempted to return to Homeworld and was apparently taken prisoner by Yellow Diamond who then sent her all the way back to Earth. She cannot blend in with the citizens of one of the other Homeworld colonies as the Gems are identified by their facet and cut, and will certainly face recapture and imprisonment. The Crystal Gems had also kept Lapis Lazuli a prisoner in a mirror for over 5000 years, treating her like a tool and not even trying to find out who she was, let alone attempt to free her. In fact Lapis Lazuli chose becoming Malachite to stop both the Homeworld Gems and the Crystal Gems recapturing her and taking her prisoner.

For the moment Lapis' only option is to live on Earth, however there is 5000 years worth of mistrust between her and the veteran Crystal Gems. Lapis Lazuli's relationship with Garnet appears even shakier now since the revelation that Lapis Lazuli was part of Blue Diamond's court and was among those who voiced their disgust at Garnet's first formation and was among the Gems that tried to capture Ruby in order for Blue Diamond to execute Ruby by breaking her Gem. Currently her only ally is Steven Universe.

A Potential New Friendship

Currently Peridot is the best Gem equipped to deal with the issues that Lapis Lazuli is facing. The veteran Crystal Gems Garnet and Pearl chose to stay on Earth and Amethyst who was created on Earth and as known nothing more. Just like Lapis Lazuli, Peridot is now forced to stay on Earth and has become a fugative from Homeworld. She has faced imprisonment by the Crystal Gems, but with Steven's intervention has eventually joined the team. Basically Peridot understands Lapis Lazuli's situation better than any of the other Crystal Gems.

After seeing the leaked clip of "Barn Mates" I think that Peridot will take lead in attempting to convince Lapis Lazuli to become a Crystal Gem, but first she will try to become friends with her. The clip shows Peridot offering Lapis a gift, an Earth concept that was introduced to Peridot by Steven in "Log Date 7 15 2":

Because I want you to feel nice! That's what gifts are for. You give them to your friends to show you care. And they go "wow, thanks!"

—Steven Universe to Peridot, Log Date 7 15 2
It is interesting to see Peridot is not just trying to strike up a friendship with her former informant, but also attempting to show that she cares about Lapis Lazuli and is trying to make amends. This is much different to Peridot's misguided attempts to win over Amethyst back in "Too Far" before she finally apologized.

There are still issues between Lapis and Peridot, but as Gems of a Homeworld mentality, they understand more about the need to obey your Diamond and what the consequences are if you do not. It's something that the other CG had difficulties grasping when dealing with Peridot, apart from Garnet.

Becoming a Crystal Gem

To join the ranks of the Gems whom Lapis viewed held her captive for over 5000 years will certainly not be an easy or quick process. Firstly, Lapis Lazuli stated that she never believed in Earth, which probably wasn't a reference about not wanting to protect Earth, but a reference that she thought it was a waste of time the Gems attempting to colonize the planet. It is most likely that Homeworld Gems distanced themselves from the indigenous lifeforms of the planets that the colonized, therefore Lapis Lazuli has never had the experience of Earth that Peridot or the other Crystal Gems have. She may grow to appreciate life on Earth over time whilst she actually resides on the planet rather than being isolated from the outside world in one of the Gems' many towers or temples.

Secondly, Lapis needs to be convinced once and for all that she can trust the Crystal Gems enough for them not to bubble/mirror her at the slightest provocation and Peridot is a perfect symbol for that as she has already gone through those trials and tribulations, and also a perfect guide by her own experiences with the Crystal Gems. If Peridot manages to establish some sort of friendship with Lapis Lazuli then the next step of developing a sense of trust with the other Gems will be much easier.

Peridot's First Fusion

Knowing this, I think that Peridot's first fusion will be with Lapis Lazuli; it will be a leap of faith for Lapis but one she will take to know for sure what Peridot's and the Crystal Gems' true intentions are about her. Fusing takes trust but in this case it could also be used to build upon that trust and openness (We Need To Talk - Rose and Greg)

Additional Note: Camp Pining Hearts

Camp Pining Hearts Paulette

Paulette/Lapis Lazuli

Camp Pining Hearts Percy


During the episode "Log Date 7 15 2" a television show called "Camp Pining Hearts" offers some insight to what may happen later in Steven Universe. The three main characters in Camp Pining Hearts represents three of the Gems. Paulette's character can be seen wearing a blue scarf with a teardrop pattern upon it which is similar to Lapis Lazuli's gemstone. Percy however can be seen wearing a yellow scarf with diamonds upon it, plus a yellow diamond badge upon his arm. It becomes more apparent who the characters represent as Peridot gives Steven a lecture on her "ship" in Camp Pining Woods.

It's... subtext Steven. Allow me to explain. Well first of all Percy and Pierre are on the yellow team and...

—Peridot, Log Date 7 15 2
Now we are introduced to a third character, Pierre of the yellow team who seems awfully familiar when Peridot describes him:

Paulette? Ha! Paulette has no place in the camp's hierarchy. Now Pierre, Pierre is a brute, Pierre laid waste to the three legged races! Pierre and Percy present the strongest battle formations, they'd destroy the camp!

—Peridot, Log Date 7 15 2

Like Paulette, Lapis Lazuli has no place in Homeworld hierachy anymore, hence why she was treated like a common Gem by Peridot and Jasper during "The Return" and "Jailbreak". Also the canon couple in the series (as viewed by Steven) is Paulette and Percy, however Peridot is adminant that Pierre and Percy are objectively best for each other. Finally, the character Pierre resembles Jasper a lot:

...using his strategy to save her. Not to mention Percy is adept at aquatic sports. He would have won the canoe race if he weren't so busy drooling over Paulette, and the other part where Percy goes to the bottom of the lake to get Paulette's friendship bracelet proved that she has [???] by the entire camp [???]. And Pierre is a force to be reckoned with on land, when he [???].

—Peridot, Log Date 7 15 2
Matters start making a lot more sense if we place Peridot (a former Yellow Diamond Gem and cohort of Jasper) as Percy. Just like Percy used strategy to save Paulette, Peridot will do the same for Lapis Lazuli. Despite Peridot's objective analysis of the situation where it would be in her favour to be with Jasper in order to return to the Homeworld, Peridot goes against her objective reasoning and saves Lapis Lazuli instead, possibly from the Malachite fusion.

It is likely that Peridot will find herself being more adept at traversing water than any of the other Crystal Gems. Jasper may be a force to be reckoned with on land, but that emphasises that Jasper will be weak in water, weak enough for Perdiot to outmanuveur.

The gift that Peridot tries to give Lapis Lazuli, she will prove her sincerity by retrieving the gift after Lapis throws it away, probably in deep water. And finally...

Camp Pining Hearts

Paulette and Percy


Although Lapis Lazuli and Steven are friends, her mistrust of the Crystal Gems is so great that it is unlikely that she will ever join their team without extra help. Lapis Lazuli has much more in common with Peridot than any of the other Gems, therefore a friendship or something more between the pair will play a key part in Lapis Lazuli actually becoming an official Crystal Gem. Part of that process will be the fusion of Lapis Lazuli and Peridot which unlike Malachite, will be a fusion made of love.

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